October 5, 2020

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NQ was the most positive and Dow the least.

I am trying to dump the crude oil contract, limit NQ has a strong tendancy to lead the dow so this is a good upside sign. Holding my GHG short with wide stops. Not doing much intraday trading helps enormously with this.

I am a huge fan goslun Chick. The losses I “want” to have will not hit the stops but be exited manually by me the next day. No, create an account now.

Be meager with withdrawals. I do not try to time these brief moves anymore, for all I know there may not even be one.


My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal

The stocks performed as planned for today. Also my positions are on the heavy side right now.

Stocks, financials, currencies, energies, metals, grains, and softs. Do you already have an account?

F H Chick Goslin

Hi AshanD, How do you exit your trades? The ML, or middle line. How to you manage risk? Most day traders would probably balk at that.

My Chick Goslin “Intelligent Futures Trading” Journal | Elite Trader

Any more upside tomorrow would once again turn the SL up and create a higher low in the SL. Real estate investment is my end goal. I follow several market groups: Attached is a picture of the NQ.

Basically the trend supports this trade but the ML does not. Short copper, trying to short bonds Long stocks Trying to dump crude oil at a loss. Any significant negative pressure tomorrow would be a solid negative warning sign. Yen did not catch my limit order gos,in but I shorted it today at 9. If it doesnt catch later today I will short at market.

F H Chick Goslin Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘Trading Day By Day’

The line pattern still shows that pressure is to the downside, but the SL short term pressure is now coming up off of recent lows which means there could be some short term upside pressure at any time. After a 3 day rally it fell decently. This is about as good of a day as I can hope for.


I use some very bare bones technical indicators.

The trend is strongly down in this market. I usually don’t trade that heavy. The idea is to trigger the buy stop effectively an entry order only if the price momentum is shooting up and hopefully the momentum will be enough to catch the sell limit to exit with quick profits. Having a professional to guide me is what allowed me to grow my account very fast.