June 8, 2021

Dark Descent by Christine Feehan (11 in her Dark Series) an aggressive, multi- talented professional body guard/secret service agent who never lets danger or. For Each, There Could Be Only One: They came from the darkest places: secluded monasteries, the Carpathian mountains, galaxies under siege. They were. Dark Descent (Dark, book 11) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history.

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The last thing he expected after being called back The characters could have used a little more, Pietr seemed to change his feelings on the nine precepts too fast after following them for thousands of years.

In Dark Guardian dwscent Again this book starts including the card inserts that give reader and opportunity to either join a book club and win books, or buy a book and get a few free. Perhaps that is why she brought Elisabeta Trigovise in the last book, Dark Legacy’s plot. The vampire settled to earth, turning its head this way and that, listening, waiting, its cunning mind racing, its rotten heart beating with a mixture of triumph and fear.

Joie is nearly killed and forced to become Carpathian.

I went back and found, no I didn’t, it just ended. This was more like a novella, very short. Tonight, vengeance is theirs. She would have to keep the nine precepts close to her if she would succeed in keeping control of her addiction this time, at least that is what Brother Pietr Vladamiroff had always told her. I love how Joie uses humor to deal with stressful and fearsome situations, she rarely panics.

The title should be at least 4 characters long.

There where not to many sex scenes in this one although in most of her books there is a little to much. Item s unavailable for purchase. Magic in the Wind. She saves the day and her man! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Saying they are strong doesn’t make them so, and I get tired of hearing them whine their denial. Her story is in Dark Challenge https: I didn’t find either of the main characters that interesting.


I must admit that I only read Dark Descent. However, the books chfistine follow Dark Fire are dagk yet part of the trilogy.

Savannah Dubrinsky – daughter of Cnristine Mikhail Dubrinsky and his christkne Raven Dubrinsky; lifemate to Gregori Daratrazanoff; who is learning to find the depth of her powers. Jan 29, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: And that I read the whole thing at one sitting.

Tatijana of the Dragonseekers spent centuries encased in ice with her sister, trapped in limbo between life and death Sacrilege by Susan Squire a spin-off her Sacramentthe vampire heroine a recovering “addict” is quite strong but generally seeks to avoid rather than embrace adventure.

Magda has been a bad girl in the past and set to take her vow at Mirso – the monastary where Rubius rules and those who obey reside. Joie, a cave climber, goes with friends, to rescue him and meet him for the first time in person.

It was too drscent, the trail too well marked. I’ve read a lot christin both good and bad books, and that puts these books in a new light.

The Only One

But even as the virus threatens to consume their bodies, they’ve never felt more alive. But when her past catches up with her, Breezy must go to Sea Haven to seek out the man who almost destroyed her. Those simple questions turned his world upside down.

And when their secret lives draw a mortal threat, Alonzo unleashes the feral passion he keeps pent up inside himself. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As with others, the short story format is a hard one to find a balance between the action or plot with basic background information. I’m pretty into Jubal. It has the violence, gore, sex, and a little romance, but not in the right combination evidently. My interest in Jubal increases when the weapon he bonds with seeks to protect him and lights the way out of the cave.


Joie Chrixtine is also a different heroine than in the other books The leaves rustled and the branches clicked together in the rushing wind.

Dark Descent (Dark Series): Christine Feehan, Natalie Gold: : Books

The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me. Amazon Second Chance Fefhan it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Susan Squires “Sacrilege” reunited me with the world where Harriers are despatched to end the lives of the vamps who rebel against the ruling word and might of self-appointed king Rubius.

For a short story, it really packed everything in it.

Overall, a very good story, by a good author that I would be interested in reading more of. Zara Hightower, one of the world’s leading experts on artificial intelligence, was sent in to psychically wipe the crime lord’s computer network. Nov 15, Kathy Rippel rated it it was ok.

He’s the perfect killing machine–a man driven by demons so dark and destructive that his blighted soul has given up trying to find solace.

She had certain instincts when it came to danger and it made her elite in the world of bodyguards. How many hits did you take? They sought soul mates whose touch consumed them with desire, yet whose kisses refreshed like the coolest rain For Each, There Could Be Only One They came from the darkest places: A fantastic novella by Christine Feehan, never before published in the UK, and now expanded with pages of new material.

Praise for Shadow Rider: