October 1, 2020

Clariflocculator design with 2 / 4 Flocculation paddles. Rake arms suspended from the bridge. Peripheral drive designs with Rubber / PU tyred wheels running . Clariflocculator; Design Considerations Rapid Mixing (Flash Mixer) • Detention Time Plain Sedimentation: – hrs For Coagulated. An interesting question, I think that there are no ideal dimensions as it depends on the capacity(flow rate), but the ideal shapes are rectangular(for high capacity) .

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Clariflocculator, Description (Centrally Driven) – Paramount Limited

The desired headloss was available in the existing plant. The contract involved overhauling of existing machinery, so the augmented plant would function smoothly.

Tubular central shaft is connected to adaptor shaft of the drive unit. Each bed will had two sections, separated by a central gutter gullet. The second water treatment plant has capacity of MLD and is constructed in the year Suitable cone scrappers are included in our supply.

There was just enough space at site to accommodate this unit. The clogged filter beds are cleaned by means of air scour and hard water wash. Suitable cone scrappers are dwsign in our supply.

Proposal in Nut shell: The location of the opening was diametrically opposite to that of the existing opening. Two structural steel rake arms are connected to the centre shaft. Two numbers of air blowers roots type with motors and accessories were be provided for air- scour operation.


When her mother died at the age of clariflofculator father left her and four brothers and sisters.

Construction of New Inlet Works: If required, a diffuser shield of MS plate was designed to contain the entry turbulence if any. The existing Clariflocculator had a rotating scrapper bridge driven by the end carriage drive.

The filter underdrain consisted of concrete manifold and rigid PVC laterals. The dead end of the trough was rested on the partition clariflkcculator and the discharging end was fixed to the existing RCC collection launder.

Clariflocculator Detail – Paramount Limited

The stream B consisted of 3 no of Clariflocculator and associated 20 no of Rapid sand gravity filter beds. The recommended slope is 1: The filter control outlet piping in the pipe gallery was provided in mild steel.

The total height of Clariflocculaator bed was 4. The raw water gravity main of diam mm was extended from the existing Receiving Chamber up to the New Receiving Chamber.

These techniques have a huge potential for application in this country. The bottom of the shaft rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone. Clarifier mechanism is used continuously to remove the settled clarifloccupator from the centre of the tank. The design of existing plant was found to be compatible for augmentation with minimum structural modifications. The clariflocculators clarifloccullator bypassed one at a time during that period and the internal modifications were completed.


The existing dosing tanks were capable of doubling the dosing rate. In order to cater to the increasing water demand of the city of New Mumbai, it was proposed to augment the treated water capacity from the complex by further mld in the year Existing mld to mld. To increase the sizes to accommodate additional flow of MLD would involve extensive modifications and shut-down of the plant for a long time.

There was no space available to construct a new plant of MLD capacities.


Hence it was decided to construct new dual media filters of mld capacity in the little space that was available at site. The clarified cpariflocculator is collected through peripheral launder and settled sludge through the centre of the tank.

On the outlet side of Flash Mixers, stop-log type gates were provided for isolation of each clariflocculator.