November 22, 2020

Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. restauración de la cavidad con la finalidad de proteger la vitalidad del órgano dentino-pulpar. El Complejo dentino-pulpar debe entenderse como un sistema. El complejo dentino-pulpar. Front Cover. Beatriz Helena Castaneda Rubio. – Dentina Bibliographic information. QR code for El complejo dentino-pulpar.

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Effect of IL-1 on human dental pulp cells and pulpal inflammation. Quantitative analysys of sustance P, neurokinin A and calcitonin gene relaled peptide in gingival crevicular fluid associated with painful human teeth.

Rev Cubana Estomatol [online]. Aspects dentinal and pulp pain: J Endod ;28 9: In the experimental animal model, pulp histology was not significantly altered in the molar cavities exposed to SDF.

J Tonggi Med Univ ;19 1: Rev Med Brux ;22 4: Permeabilidad dentinaria ; 2. Microbiological and histopathological considerations. Dentini metalloproteinase levels and gelatinolytic activity in clinically healthy and inflamed human dental pulps.

Histological sections were prepared and dental pulp was evaluated qualitatively in both groups. Histochemical observation of nitric oxide synthase in trigeminal ganglion of rats with experimental pulpits. J Endod ;29 4: Effect o fan intraosseous infection of depo-medrol on pulpal concentrations of PG-E2 dentiho IL- 8 in untreated irreversible pulpits. J Endod ;28 3: Mast cells and oral inflammation. Effects of simpathectomy on experimentally induced pulpal inflammation and periapical lesions in rats.


Interleukin-1beta activity dentiino collagen synthesis in human dental pulp fibroblast.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) | Antioquia –

OM showed SDF sealing the tubules only at the site where it had been placed, with limited penetration beneath, the tubules appeared normal and the pulp tissue associated to treated caries showed chronic inflammatory infiltrate and formation of tertiary dentin, with no Ag precipitate. Quantitation of catecholamine in inflamed human dental pulp by high-performance liquid chromatography. Odontol ; 5 2: Pain of dentinal and pulpar orig-rewiew for the clinical Australas cell.

The observations using the different techniques on dental tissues suggest that SDF causes minimal adverse effects. Evaluating Il-2 levels in human pulp tissue.

J Endod ; 3: Aust Endod J ;29 1: The results of this study may contribute to further studies on the suitability of SDF as a cost-effective strategy for treating caries. El objetivo del trabajo fue determinar del efecto del DFP en complejo dentino-pulpar aplicando dos modelos: Comparison of preoperative pain and medication use in emergency patients presenting with irreversible pulpits or teeth with necrotic pulps.


Aust Endod J ;29 3: Nusstein JM, Beck M. J Endod ;27 2: The second model used laboratory animal molars from 12 male Wistar rats. Crit Rev Oral Biol Med ;14 3: SEM on ex vivo teeth showed areas of hypermineralization in the intertubular dentin and few blocked tubules, while EDS detected Ag in the center of the lesion 7.

Int Endod J ;35 Cao YDeng Y. Haug SR, Heyeraas Hy.

Patología del complejo dentino pulpar

Aust Endod J ;24 2: Dentuno J Oral Sci ; 3: A descriptive study was performed using two models. Standardized enamel-dentin cavities approximately 0. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of SDF on the dentin-pulp complex using two models: