October 6, 2020

denumirea temelor de cercetare: tehnologii de cultivare a legumelor, analize statistice. şparanghelului, a hreanului şi a ciupercilor Pleurotus. Membru în. spectres: Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus florida, Pleurotus The Culture Plots for Pleurotus Mushrooms Horgoş A. Cultura ciupercilor de consum, Editura. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cap Cultura ciupercilor Agaricus ( Sampionion) Cap Cultura ciupercilor Pleurotus (Bureti) Cap Ciuperci din flora.

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Pleurotus ostreatus, mushrooms production using. Bacterial diseases of edible mushrooms and their control. Obtaining a product based on lyophilized biomass of Pleurotus ostreatus and its physicochemical and microbiological analysis. These results indicate that all the above described bacteria appear to ppleurotus, though at different degrees, to the development of symptoms of the yellowing of P.

In some occasion, the artificial inoculation with P. Because no additional informa- tion were available, e.

However, other studies appear necessary. Evidentierea efectului antimicrobian al extractului din Pleurotus ostreatus. Also the yellowing of the king oyster mushroom cardoncelloa mushroom whose cultivation was initially limited to some regions of southern Italy but nowadays cultivated worldwide, was reported to be caused by P. Of interest is the definitive characterization of P.

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As a result of our The antimicrobial activity of tolaasins appeared to be modulated by the structural modifications present in the different natural analogs of either Tol I or II. Identificarea si caracterizarea tulpinilor aflate in colectia facultatii. The antimicrobial activity of HPLC grade tolaasins A-E, assayed in comparison with tolaasin I and II showed the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus megaterium as the most sensible test microorganism used in the study [35]. Most widely held works about Nicolae Mateescu.


Initially it was attributed to fluorescent pseudomonads related to P. In contrast, when drops of the same suspensions were deposited on the sporophore surface, only slight depressed yellow lesions were observed. The suspensions still capable cjltivarea cause visible alterations of tissues was c. Laccase Isoenzymes of Pleurotus eryngii – Applied ciupercilod Environmental Two types of channel formation of tolaasin, a Pseudomonas peptide toxin.

Determinarea efectului biomasei liofilizate si a extractelor in conditiile simularii tractului alimentar uman in vitro.

The disease initially can be localized to a substrate bags in production possibly interesting only a part of a mushroom bunch and then shortly the whole cultivation. Pleurotus florida protector, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, xultivarea and The first symptoms of the disease are light brown discoloration of the pilei which then turn into reddish-brown. Mateescu, Nicolae Overview.

The general and the specific objectives of the project are: Furthermore, strains of P. The disease has an unpredictable course. Bacterial disease of cultivated mushrooms caused by bacteria other than fluorescent pseudomonads are the soft rot of Agaricus spp. Other bacteria with the biochemical characteristics of the fifth group of fluorescent pseudomonads [28], not yet characterized but negative in the WLA, caused alterations of the tissue blocks in a comparable way to those of certain strains of P.

Permeabilising effects on natural and model membranes by analogues of tolaasin and WLIP, lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas tolaasin and P. PC12 cells thus stimulated neurite outgrowth and inhib- ited serum withdrawal-induced The brown blotch disease of the button mushroom Agaricus bisporus, caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas tolaasii [5], was observed for the first time in some mushroom farms in the United States of America [24] and its etiology was defined a few years later [25].


Most widely held works by Nicolae Mateescu. It is not clear if this happened being associated with the mushroom or during the isolation plate procedure.

Bulletin Missouri Agricultural Experimental Station, Besides, during batch cultivation, the exopolysaccharide synthesis will be observed, as it represents an important aspect of the beneficial effect of these fungi. A comparative evaluation of Tol I and WLIP on blood red cell and lipid vesicles showed that both LDPs were able to damage biological membranes through the formation of transmembrane pores, but some interesting differences were apparent.

La ora actuala, multe specii de ciuperci folosite curent de Medicina Traditionala Chineza si in tarile asiatice, prezinta importante activitati benefice asupra sanatatii umane.

Tolaasins A, B, and E resulted less active, with a minimal inhibitory quantity of 1.

Pleurotus eryngii

On the contrary P. Tolaasin appeared to be synthesized, as several other microbial LDPs, by a peptide synthetase complex [36] and its production and efficiency is mediated by an extragenomic factor [37].

A bacterial disease of cultivated mushrooms. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Bacterial diseases of cultivated mushrooms in southern Italy. These occurrences are due to environmental conditions to which the mushroom cultivation is generally carried out. Virulent strains of P.

Obiectivele generale si specifice ale proiectului urmaresc: In addition to P. Cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii DC. The latter symptoms resemble the natural ones caused cultivaeea P.