April 10, 2021

Dark Soul, Volume I – Kindle edition by Aleksandr Voinov. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Dark Soul series. Love lights even the darkest soul. A killer’s moral compass rarely points true, and among made men, being gay is a capital crime. But Silvio. Stefano Marino is a made man, a happily married west coast mafia boss who travels east to await the death of a family patriarch. All the old hands have gathered.

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Nothing is black or white as Stefano not only struggles with his attraction to Silvio.

Dark Soul (Vol 1)

After a particularly intense and brutal exchange Silvio seems to too easily forgive Stephano. The stories might seem like its all about Silvio, aleksajdr I am very aware of Stefano. He wants Silvio and no one is standing in his way. Among his underworld family, being gay is a capital crime, but the hypersexual — and pansexual — young killer has never much cared for rules.

The cover is pure genius on the other hand. I felt like a voyeur watching Silvio with Batistta, uncomfortable but unable to look away, this man that was supposed to care for him, uses sex to make him yield, it was brutal in it’s intensity, I couldn’t breath, tears welling in my eyes at the injustice of it all.

As for Silvio I’m rather clueless. To top everything off, there was no police to be seen either. Dear Author Recommended Reads 10 Apr 07, No response, though, just an acknowledgement of the name. Brutal strikes, calculated moves. I am going to give myself a hearty pat on the back for asking myself and then consequently answering this question in the very first review I wrote on DS1. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.


He’s also an assassin. Finding this out is a shock to him but Stefano learns that his planned demise was to be by the hands of the man he loves. The sheer power, electricity, and gut twisting chemistry and tension is pulled so tight between these two aleeksandr it often causes my heart beat to shudder, skip, and skid to a stop all to together! zoul

And since DS is written in alternating point of views, we get alksandr full experience. Donata in my opinion did not consider silvio as a threat or a rival. Falchi offers to lend him Silvio to help him out. I’ll redo this later Layered may be too straight-forward of a term. I love that MAN!!!! He has accepted his fate. But my limits that I so reluctantly stepped over when reading that, was nowhere in sight when it came to Franco and Silvio’s interactions in this one. Well I must admit I was expecting a different story.

It is multidimensional, never knowing where he will take you next, pushing the boundaries of your own conscience and beliefs, tempting you further into the world he has created within the pages of the book.

Dark Soul Vol. 4 (Dark Soul, #4) by Aleksandr Voinov

I am fascinated for his “anima nera”!!! So alekszndr here’s the run down of what we get in this installment This isn’t a book about the mafia. The kiss was a slap to the face, a shock to the system. The plot continues with Stefano going to Silvio’s boss for help in an issue he has with Russian mob trying to take his territory. Dark Night This story, so far my favorite, gives us another glimpse of the world that Stefano and Silvio operate in.

Despite his situation, he knows who he needs to protect and his ultimate choice will destroy just about everyone in some form or fashion. So, I’m onto Volume 5 now and the ex hasn’t shown again, so that’s good.


Volume 5 should have been titled Decisions! Trying to keep the feelings pushed aside, Stefano knows he can’t any longer. However I loved Stefano the most since he made his first appearance in book 1! I honestly didn’t think this series could get any better, but Aleks did what he does best, and proved me terribly wrong.

But Stefano is a realist he knows where he stands, and he makes his choices. Franco, the silent brother, the one that view spoiler [ uses the word tenderness as a synonim for pity, In Dark Soul 4 view spoiler [ the background is the annihilation of the Russian mafia organized and accomplished by Silvio and his brother Franco.

This series has it all and I love it! I particularly enjoyed Stefano’s journey where he first can’t believe he’s with Silvio and soon can’t believe he can be without him. I can’t do anything. Carla rated it liked it May 12, Love lights even the darkest soul.

As Stefano recovers from his jnjuries, he sends his wife Donata away to safety in another country. Just like in Dark Soul series, Voinov’s stories might have some dark shades in them, but they are always told so darj and skillfully that they steal your heart before you know it.

Not Enabled Word Wise: I can’t wait to see the layers of this killer unfold.

And since DS is written in alternating point of views, we get the full experience. Stefano finds Silvio, needing the man’s touch, finally setting free the desire he has.

I don’t know if the following can be classified as a “review”.