October 19, 2020

The latest Tweets from Dave Raggett (@draggett). I am a part of the W3C Team and the champion for the Web of Things. I have been involved with many core. Member of staff at W3C’s European host, Dave has long been involved with the development of Web technology standards. – draggett. Dave Raggett. Updated: 09/15/ by Computer Hope. Dave Raggett Name: Dave Raggett. Born: June 8,

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From September through SeptemberI was employed by JustSystems and worked on declarative approaches to Web application authoring. Tidy is W3C open source and available free. Retrieved 2 June Sadly this book too is now out of print.

I organized a Workshop on declarative models of distributed web applications in Junein Dublin, Ireland, and plan to hold further workshops on related topics to guide W3C’s standards activities in these areas. The project is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. The decision to implement a proxy server came after experience with implementing a binary Firefox extension for speech synthesis which I demoed at the W3C Technical Plenary in early The result is now available for downloading as a plugin and standalone editing tool for the EzMath notation developed together with Davy Batsalle from ENST.

This is in contrast to RelaxNG, which allows definitions closer to the document’s root element to refer to definitions that are closer to the leaves in the document tree, but not the other way around. Retrieved 9 June I enjoy working in teams, whether locally or remotely, and helping to build consensus, as well as influencing the timing and direction of work as part of corporate objectives. Data and data services are increasingly strategically important for businesses.

XForms builds on XML to transfer form data as structured data. The group aims to enable an ecosystem of developers, device vendors, network operators, and websites through the application of Web technologies such as markup, event-base scripting and the Semantic Web.


HP had a convention ravgett an employee could engage in related, useful, but not official work for 10 percent of his or her job time. Finding ways to bring people to consensus. My long term aim is to understand this better and to put it into practice in the form of a multi-user conversational agent that is accessible over the Web, so that we can harness the power of the Web to allow volunteers to teach the raggety common sense knowledge by conversing with it in English and eventually other languages.

W3C is pleased to release a W3C study on practices and […] More…. InRaggett devoted his spare time to developing a Web browser called Arenaon which he hoped to demonstrate new and future HTML specifications.

He lives in the west of England. Voice interaction allows browsers to shrink in size as you no longer need the physical space for a high resolution display.

Dave Raggett is an English computer specialist who has played a major role in implementing the World Wide Web since From toRaggett worked as a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Bristol, Englandwhere he pursued a variety of projects, including expert systems[3] hypertext[3] networkingWeb browsersand serversembedded systemsinteractive voice response systems.

Retrieved 10 December I am exploring techniques for combining statistical natural language processing, the Semantic Web and computational models from cognitive science.

The Web has had a huge impact on how we exchange and access information. I am currently working on developing a means to integrate speech with web pages ragett an open source proxy speech server based on HTTP.

The Ubiquitous Web seeks to broaden the capabilities of browsers to arggett new kinds of web applications, particularly those involving coordination with other devices. I have managed a number of Summer jobs for students with projects ranging from math on the Web, embedded browsers, voice browsers, and unified messaging.

He used Arena to demonstrate all these things, and davf experiment with different ways of reading and interpreting both valid and incorrectly written HTML pages. The parser goes to considerable lengths to correct common markup errors. A few years ago, I set up a working group that is focusing on standards for the next generation of Web forms.


Dave Raggett | W3C Blog

From toDave Raggett worked at Research Machines, designing and developing software for local networking of Z80 machines for use in schools. I have an enduring interest in the Web of Things, which seeks to apply web technologies to simplify the development of applications for the Internet of Things.

The Web of data is growing rapidly, and interoperability depends upon the availability of open standards, whether intended for interchange within small communities, or for use on a global scale. I developed components for rendering and for editing SVG that work on any browser with Flash Player 9 and above. The market potential is currently held back by fragmentation in the communication technologies and a lack of shared approaches to services.

Curriculum Vitae/Résumé for Dave Raggett

In addition, I have provided companies with assistance on several patent suits relating to early work on the World Wide Web. When I get time, I plan to combine this with ideas developed for XForms, to produce a powerful new way to describe XML document integrity constraints that bursts free of the static nature of XML Schema, to cover dynamic constraints expressed in fuctional and logical terms.

Retrieved 2 March EzMath is particularly simple to use as well as providing a convenient way to author MathML. This involves a synthesis of AI, Linked Data, Cognitive Science and Sociology, as the basis for a next generation of conversational agents that combine common sense and emotional intelligence.

Views Read Edit View history. I ran a workshop in to look at the opportunities for W3C to take a rwggett in extending the Web to support voice interaction as the means for browsing Web content. Retrieved 24 August