September 27, 2020

: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the s & 50s (LOA #): Dark Passage / Nightfall / The Burglar / The Moon in the Gutter / Street of No. Nightfall could easily have been adapted for Hitchcock. The novel by David Goodis follows Jim Vanning as he hides out in New York City. In Nightfall (), David Goodis explores the theme of the innocent pursued, as artist Jim Vanning becomes accidentally embroiled in a violent robbery and.

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The Dying Grass is the latest. Showing of 10 reviews.

First, his terse, bare bones writing style, this in close tandem with his incredibly intuitive depiction of thought processes, conscious and subconscious: Not as dark and self-defeatist as the later books, but full of that sense of a small man struggling against a very big and very dark universe.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Matters of murder and a lost satchel of money have left him in a bind, hunted by cops and crooks an My heart began to beat a little faster as soon as I started reading this book.


Dark Passage and Shoot the Piano Player. He’s accepting and yet still wants to live. Screenplay by Sterling Silliphant. So it’s no surprise that he’s toodis his best describing lowlifes in cheap haunts and heisters looking for one last score.

David Goodis: Nightfall (LOA eBook Classic) | Library of America

The Characters James Vanning is goodks painter with a degree in engineering, a commercial artist freelancing for ad agencies just after World War II. A little more room to breath in the final pages which recall the exposition-heavy fast-talking monologues that frequently closed out detective pictures would have been nice, but some might call this nitpicking.


With one eye on Vanning and another on the reward, Fraser acts as a lone wolf resembling more conventional PI than police minus the hard-boiled persona.

Fraser is his supportive wife, a woman he comes to realize he loves as he adores his children. He grabs the sack and runs for it but in his haste and terror, Vanning looses the money along the way.

Fraser doesn’t want to arrest Vanning until he knows he can recover the money, but his doubts about Vanning’s guilt haunt him because the evidence is probably sufficient to send Vanning to the electric chair. I like the seamless Nightfall is the third David Goodis novel I’ve read, and I’m hooked on his compact, visceral, and vivid crime titles. The remaining men catch up with him some time later in NYC and demand the satchel containing the money.

The third book I read by Goodis was Dark Passage, and I became convinced that the main character in that was dead, that he had died in the opening scenes. Apr 30, John rated it really liked it. I can picture the typical reader, a family man, in the late s forking across his hard won quarter to read all about someone much like himself caught in the snare of stolen loot and murder. Nightfall by David Goodis. goodiw

Goodreads helps you gooxis track of books you want to read. Then, too, there are the characters. Since embarking upon a marathon read of David Goodis with the occasional interruption of reading lesser novels by more contemporary authorsI have been completely stunned by his unique narrative voice. But I have to say, what was Goodis’ deal with thousand dollar bills?


One, Vanning, is a toodis Goodis hero: About Nightfall For the first time, the best work of a distinctive master of American noir is available in authoritative e-book editions from The Library of America.

Please provide an email address. Is he an innocent artist who just happens to have some very dangerous people interested in him? Anyone who ever read a book and liked reading it. On his way to a job he’s looking forward to when he pulls to the side of the road in the mountains of Colorado to help at an accident. This review is from ‘Nightfall’ which appears in David Goodis: I like how Goodis portrays Fraser as a cop who questions. A hunted man, James Vanning makes his way to New York City’s Greenwich Village, changes his name and sets up his own studio to work as a commercial artist.

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David Goodis —a former pulp, radio, and Hollywood script writer, is now recognized as a leading author of crime fiction. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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