September 26, 2020

DCVG stands for Direct Current Voltage Gradient and is a survey technique used for assessing Initially international companies utilising the “CIPS” and “Pearson ” technique were engaged. Ike Solomon and Matthew Wong of Wilson Walton. NACE • ECDA Seminar. Houston Indirect Inspection – „Clean Data‟. • Influence testing. • CIPS / DCVG (ACVG). • AC Attenuation. • Soil Resistivity. Close interval potential surveys (CIPS) are the backbone of pipeline integrity. They determine the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system which provides.

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Unlike CIPS, where the absolute precision of the reading is always important, the surveyor is initially looking for spikes or trends in the data when using DCVG.

Since the DCVG survey was invented, the standard field instrument has been an optimized moving coil dial meter. In the s, the addition of global positioning satellite GPS capabilities kept the survey instruments in perfect synchronization with the supporting equipment, such as the current interrupters. There are some common practices within dvg industry for data clarity.

New Visions for CIPS and DCVG

Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Corrosion protection is one small—yet important—item. Most of the equipment was large and heavy, making it difficult to use in an outdoor field environment.

The recent introduction of touchscreen tablets also has allowed for zoom functionality to be implemented, which permits the surveyor to review and, if necessary, focus on previous readings to quality check the work. The simplest implementation involves showing numbers on the screen, which is similar to digital meters.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The larger the shift or gradient, the closer the surveyor is to the coating defect. Now, using electronics and GPS synchronization, data measurement can be sped up considerably, and the gradient can be displayed in a more readable fashion.


As pipelines age coatings deteriorate and the cathodic protection becomes increasingly important in mitigating corrosion damage. In theory, a standard analogue electronic multimeter could be used to perform a DCVG survey, but in practice it would be very difficult to take accurate readings and assess the direction of the voltage gradients correctly. There are many tools to use for collecting and processing the survey data to help answer this question. Category I, defects should be excavated and repaired as a matter of priority, Category II defects should be repaired within 12 months and Category III defects should be left and monitored in the future.

Companies began to develop computerized instruments that could display the voltage readings, as well as record the voltage data for computer-assisted analysis. This can be done with both DCVG on a secondary y-axis or by creating stacked graphs. These two scenarios present different graphical results. If available, the analyst may add other data such as a polarization study or inline inspection indications to the graph. It is now possible to establish the location of each pipe-to-soil potential recorded with an accuracy of less than one metre in most parts of the world – see Figure No.

T he close interval potential survey technique provides the pipeline operator with an overall picture of how satisfactory the.

Combined CIPS and DCVG Surveys for Improved Data Correlation – OnePetro

Depending on the terrain, the surveyors may be walking to either side of the pipe being surveyed lateral or walking in a line on top of the pipe longitudinal.

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If any of the data sets are very close together, the lines will stack on the graph and both results may not be visible. Despite some digital meters being available, many surveyors prefer to use a dial voltmeter for simple interpretation in the field.

In the s, the digital voltmeter was first invented but it was not a practical device until semiconductors became readily available in the s. Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. With the use of electronic field instruments, it can be easier for the surveyor to verify that he or she is recording accurate data when the reading is taken; however, the success of this process depends on how the data are presented to the surveyor and the ease with which he or she can interpret them in fast moving field conditions.


By combining a CIPS survey with a DCVG survey, the pipeline operator and his corrosion engineer benefit from having both surveys done simultaneously, this provides excellent correlation between the level of cathodic protection and pipeline coating damage or degradation.

Application of Cathodic Protection. The surveyor and analyst can confirm that the defect shown in the data belongs to the pipe being surveyed rather than a neighboring pipe.

An analog DCVG meter can be replicated graphically on a modern display device, such as a tablet. Collection of data and interpretation may be performed by pipeline companies themselves or, more usually, by independent specialists.

New Visions for CIPS and DCVG

As survey equipment has evolved, data can be obtained from multiple channels at the same time. Prior to the use of DCVG, assessing the condition of the pipeline coating s was performed using indirect techniques like close interval potential surveys or expensive excavations of the pipeline. To emphasize the calculated true potential of the pipe, the data from the low and high impedance readings are adjusted to be a lighter fips or more transparent. A digital multimeter is completely unsuitable because of the difficulty in quickly assessing the direction of the voltage gradient.

The technology creates dcvy opportunity to tailor the data display for the diverse needs of each individual. DCVG surveys can have increased complexity. If there is an abrupt change in the data, the data can be viewed immediately by the surveyor and investigated to validate or correct. Advanced search Show search help. Modern devices, such as the tablet and cell phone, can be used to display the survey data in a variety of formats.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once a defect has been located its size and shape can also be noted if the client requires.