September 27, 2020

Federal Register | Proposed Collection; Comment Request: Apr 14, “ Travel Voucher,” DD , “Travel Voucher or Subvoucher,” DD , “ Travel . Often times several vouchers (DD Form ) will be submitted during the PCS A copy of the initial DD Form and continuation sheets (if any). d. (Government Quarters And/Or Mess) and DD (Claim for Temporary DD DD c Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (Continuation Sheet).

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Used in solicitations and contracts for commercial items. Rental agent fees customarily charged for securing housing in foreign countries.

A link to SF is provided below. Same as DD Formbut a long form essentially a continuation sheetwhen needed. Together, these documents comprise the original Notice of Availability document by which the U.

Examples of reimbursable cost include: Required removal or installation by host country law of automobile parts such as tinted windows or special conginuation and similar items. Used to award a contract, usually as a result of Request for Quotation. Copy of DD Form marked “final”. Used to fund cost of travel including transportation, per diem, and miscellaneous expenses.

Upon acceptance of the bid, USG signs it and a binding contract is established.

Contractor is responsible for preparing this form, except for entries that an authorized USG representative is required to complete. If you wish to receive payment by electronic fund transfer, you will need to complete SF approximately three weeks prior to your departure from the United States.


Travel Voucher Form Continuation

Used to order supplies or services under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures. Used to fund printing, duplication, binding and reproduction of publications.

Used to document DoD issues, returns and sales i. Issued to other DoD agencies to order materials, supplies, equipment, work, and services.

Used to fund travel by foreign purchaser representatives. Refer to FAR, subpart Copy of DD Formmarked “final”. Used by the performing activity to verify acceptance of the MIPR received from the requesting activity.

Used as a directive for release and shipment of materiel from stock. Also, used to consolidate contractor inventory redistribution system-directed shipments going to the same destination.

Paid travel voucher DD Form Material Inspection and Receiving Report continuation sheet. Used not only to solicit conitnuation but also to award a contract, since it is a bilateral document.

Requesting Reimbursement | TRICARE

Instructions for completing the travel voucher are located on page two of the form. DD Form Travel Order Used to fund cost of travel including transportation, per diem, and miscellaneous expenses.

Used to requisition materiel, but only when facilities are not available to the requisitioning activity to enable electronic transmittal of documents. Used for transfer and donation of contractor inventory. Transitioning Military and Veterans. When filing your claim, you will need to provide a copy of your Continuatiin travel orders, all airline tickets, dc fare receipts, passport fees, and immunization fees with your travel voucher.


Processing will take approximately two to three weeks.

Public Voucher for Purchases and Services other than Personal. Funds transportation, per diem, and miscellaneous expenses. Bidder signs the document and sends to the USG. SF33 Solicitation, Offer and Award Used not only to solicit orders but also to award a contract, since it is a bilateral document.

Skip to main content Press Enter. Continuation sheet for the DD Formwhen needed. Equipment, and utilities involved in relocation, and converting appliances for operation on available utilities this does not include purchasing appliances or equipment in lieu of conversion.

Cutting and fitting rugs, draperies, and curtains from one residence to another. Used to amend a solicitation before it closes or to modify a contract that has been awarded. Used to document contract compliance and by the contractor to submit an invoice.