November 4, 2020

Read Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Award Winning Historical Romance Author Erotic Historical Romance Delilah Marvelle. Booklist Online Book Review: Forever and a le, Delilah (author).Jan. p. HQN, paperback, $ ().

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He almost didn’t recognize her due to the changes in her attitude and he weight gain encouraged to enlarge the size of her breasts.

Well, we don’t get to see anything else because that part of the book abruptly stops. I did feel like the later half went by quicker but I think it was wrapped up nicely though I think it could have been a little longer to flesh out the rest of the plot.

Of course, I guess I just have to wait impatiently for the next one!

The map was made of where her brother had last been seen. This wonderful fact gave Georgia fkrever opportunity to be one of the strongest heroines I have ever read.

I don’t mind a few essential to the plot that are buried within the text or one in the beginning I can skip, but inundating the chapter titles with them distracts from the story itself.

Well midpoint thru the book, she started throwing everything in there at once. Robinson asked to help and she sent him for water. She had been married before but her husband no forevsr lived. Oh my sweet, sweet Delilah, you had me perplexed in this book, but in a good way. His name had been Raymond. Is this book actually a magic trick? It be-spoke of too much grandeur with very little to show.


His brother was called Yardley for the title he would inherit as the oldest son.

Forever and a Day

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What makes it work are her characters. They had been in NY for 7 months and they had found the uncle. The glint of a blade whizzed past.

From the get go I was trying too hard to figure out who everyone was from Forever mine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts marelle email. And he certainly never expected to be injured, only to wake up with no memory of who he is.

Each book will take us steadily closer to the truth behind the disappearance of Lord Atwood. The woman has a way with getting the reader invested into the story, flipping page after page without wanting to put the book down. Cramped wooden buildings loomed in the surrounding darkness, murky-yellow lamps lighting broken windows stuffed with rags and heaven knows what else. I want more, Delilah, more! When she meets what she knows is a British aristocrat she tries to lose him knowing nothing good will come of this relationship.

She grew up in the toughest neighborhood around, after all, where sugar coating gets you dirked. Matthew left with the money Robinson had given him and promised to return with some clothes. He asks her again, she tells him she’s not looking for a one night toss.


The only thing that kept this one from being a 4. It was there that Lord Wentworth found them and told Roderick that their uncle had also arrived in London and was in the library downstairs. Fate puts her in the path of Roderick, a London aristocrat, who finds her beguiling.


The attraction and the chemistry between the two sizzled and the love scenes were very sensual and steamy. All he believed in was money, money, money. Everyone in the book likes to use that word and you’ll be using it instead. Jul 10, Kati rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cradling her moist cheeks with his palms, his thumbs brushed away the tears still rimming her eyes.

He then noticed some books sitting by his bed. Georgia removed the silver buttons from his jacket and threw coffee on him to stain his white linen shirt. Thank you NetGalley for the wonderful opportunity to review this book!

Reasons to marvellr this book: She teaches Georgia a thing or two about being a lady, especially how to talk; it’s hanging not hangin’. And he certainly never expected to be injured, only to wake up with no memory of who he is. Robinson remembered that he knew how to dance the waltz and wanted to leave when his head started to ache.

Forever and a Day (The Rumor, #1) by Delilah Marvelle

For those delikah have ever read my Gallantry series, I like to play with what I call parallel storylines from flip point of views. Robinson decides not to see past their class differences, but Georgia saw a way for them to be together. You just can’t ignore that– which is why I wanted to punch him when he broke it off with her.