October 3, 2020

Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in print in a newly designed edition, this influential cultural. Delirious New York is a retroactive manifesto of Manhattan’s architectural enterprise: it untangles the theories, tactics and dissimulations that allowed New York’s. Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan is an engaging review of modern architecture and urbanism, setting a celebratory.

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Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan – Rem Koolhaas – Google Books

He barely mentions the World Trade Manhattqn those buildings on the cover are the X, Y and Z towers at Rockefeller Centerthough Koolhaas probably ignored them since they did not exhibit the character and conflict that the other buildings mnaifesto.

He goes on with twisted things like this that make NYC look less like the unintentional beauty of foor capitalism, and more like some crystaline realization of our strange side. Le Corbusier conquers, his main proponent embodied in the decrees of Robert Moses that would define the later half of the 20th century.

His desire was to purify the city, and give its residents access to light and manyattan. Much like what I refer to as the “things stoners thinking of when watching Wallace and Gromit” school of literary criticism Baudrillard, Viriliohe prefers wacky style to cogent argument. The old castiron district found, through modern technology, the ability to replicate the beaux arts ornimentation found on the grand cultural and financial structures of the Guilded Age on its own, completely utilitarian warehouses and factories, as a way to bestow respectability and cultural neceseity to such rawly capitalistic activities, and maybe make a few sales or whatever.


The book greatly conveys the feel of unrealistic, almost derilic process of development of “the greatest city on earth”. How could it be so good? Two opposing forces are at play during the century of mass culture. Fueled by Koolhaas’ precise and colorful verbal descriptions, the book makes good use of historical images to produce a grand and absurd vision that, in my opinion, contains a healthy dose of self-criticism.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Man is ultimately controlled by delirioue quest for knowledge, and the once-noble project of Enlightenment is turned towards chaos and destruction. The second project described is the first Waldorf-Astoria hotel, its geographic replacement – The Empire State building, and its recreation, mmanhattan current Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Koolhaas has great material. Published December 1st by The Monacelli Press first published Apr 23, Maxim rated it really liked it.

If this is the basis for that kind of noble, unearthly, whimsical, and still remarkably practical architecture, I’ll take it. La quarta ammirazione va per i progetti deliranti, da fottersi dalle risate.

Delirious New York

But bushwhack through this babble and you catch fleeting vistas of lucid thought about the unique architecture of NYC. Since its original publication inDelirious New York has attained mythic status.

Between and he taught at the University of Manchester School of Architecture, and between and at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. The Parisian authorities do not take the Radiant proposal seriously. Guardare in generale, cogliere elementi piccoli, elementi ingombranti e trovare fili conduttori, spiegazioni, movimenti interni.

But soon elevators dominated the building and skyscrapers became pyramids with a core of elevators that decreased in area as they ascended. A small dose of laughing gas would put the 6, visitors in a euphoric mood, hyper-receptive to the activity on stage.


He was educated in Architecture at Cambridge and Harvard Universities. Every floor exactly as the previous floor. Mar 06, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: It contains a wealth of strange anecdotes, a forest of illustrations, and several underlying theses about the nature of New York City. My favorite description in the book is the skyscraper as an extrusion. Sometimes these articulated the gist of the gestalt better than anything that made it through delrious wringer of fundraising and city bureaucracy.

Entering a building in Manhattan, even changing floors, could become an act of moving between worlds. Le Corbusier diagnosed the skyscrapers as being too small and thought the city should have a much bigger scale.

Certified financial planner Staten Island: However, much of the text is accessible and provides a powerful understanding of the ideas that fueled the growth of Manh Irreverently witty and thought provoking, Rem Koolhaas’s manifesto on Manhattanism is still a rteroactive read for architects, planners, and perhaps even landscape architects like myself. As much a history of schemes and illusions as a lucid extrapolation of the pragmatism that bore out the aesthetics of the skyscraper within the limits of the grid, the zoning law of and the city’s ever present culture of congestion, Koolhaas is dazzling as he reads the formal code of the city’s past through its buildings and balances their history, biography and sociology.

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