November 26, 2020

Launch files and programs from your code using Delphi. ShellExecute(Handle, ‘open’,”,nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);. If that option is disabled (the default setting), ShellExecute uses an open Explorer window rather than launch a new one. If no Explorer window. The open verb is a good example, as it is commonly supported. When you use ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx to open file.

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For ShellExecuteassign these values to the appropriate parameters. A site chain’s services can control many behaviors of item activation. These values are defined in Winuser.

ShellExecute Handle, ‘explore’, PChar ‘c: If a relative dslphi is used for the lpDirectory parameter do not use a relative path for lpFile.

If no Explorer window is open, ShellExecute launches a new one. ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘command.

So here are the ways Tobassum Munir 1 3 9. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. GetDisplayNameOf is used to retrieve the file’s parsing name instead of its display name. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘command. Finally, if an error occurs, such as specifying to run a non-existent program, or print a file that doesn’t exist on your system, then an appropriate error shellexevute will show up. If that option is disabled the default settingShellExecute uses an open Explorer window rather than launch a new one.


When a user right-clicks a folder icon depphi Windows Explorer, one of the menu items is “Search”. The specified dynamic-link library was not found.

Running external applications: ShellExecute and ShellExecuteEx

To find out which verbs are available for predefined Shell objectslook in the registry under. To provide the site to ShellExecuteEx:.

If lpFile is shellexecite a document file, the function will fail. But it will not work with attachment for every mail client.

Delphi Tutorial: Running an external application w ShellExecute

If lpFile is not a document file, the function fails. The default verb is used, if available. Most error checking code has been omitted for clarity.

In order to use the function, you first need to add the ShellApi to your uses clause, like: If they select that item, the Shell launches its Search utility. The handle is more about Windows managing the active window and window ownership I think.

In this blog I have tried to cover all the ways. Well in case you need to select some particular file in explorer I have the following function which I use procedure SelectFileInExplorer const Fn: EXE or error in. Launching an external program and waiting delphj it is terminated is quite another story The simplest method is: The item can be delphhi file or folder. Today in most of software program it is required to send mail to others with attached deophi.


If a relative path is provided at lpFiledo not use a relative path for lpDirectory. ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘c: However, it is more commonly used to launch an application that operates on a particular file. We can shellfxecute if a process has completed by monitoring its process handle. If the function fails, it returns an error value that indicates the cause of the failure. If not, the “open” verb is used. The following verbs are shellexechte used: A pointer to a null -terminated string ehellexecute specifies the file or object on which to execute the specified verb.

Open an HTML page, local or remote: To find which verbs are available, look in the registry under. Activates and displays the window. Email Required, but never shown.

To provide the site to ShellExecuteEx: A handle to the parent window used for displaying a UI or error messages. There is no application associated with the given file name extension.

Using Shell Execute in Delphi

First use Excel unit to uses clause. Generally, the actions available from an object’s shortcut menu are available verbs. It is up to the application to decide how to handle it.