November 21, 2020

Revista Iberoamericana para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Educativo. ISSN Slocum, ; Puga y Martínez, ; y Whetten y Cameron, Palabras clave: competencias, conocimiento, habilidades, actitudes y valores. Abstract. Results 1 – 16 of 35 by David A. Whetten and Cameron,Kim S. . Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas / Management Skills Development (College). 1 January. Palabras clave: gestión del conocimiento, habilidades directivas, . Based on the theory of Whetten y Cameron (), this study re-grouped directive abilities .. del conocimiento organizativo: desarrollo, medición y gestión de intangibles.

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Personal directive abilities The third personal directive ability mentioned in Figure 3, is the analytic and creative solution of problems, probably is one of the more complex and difficult to develop. Finally, the acmeron of knowledge in educational organizations, especially in Public Universities, should be founded both on a dialogic action and a shared vision, that is, from transference towards transformation.


The passive role and long-term response is no longer pertinent in the light of new realities and pressures of environment. Leaders must identify direcrivas ways to apply management skills they have and also develop others; which leads to the strengthening of the skills of the managers of the companies, who due to the desarrollo de habilidades directivas desqrrollo y cameron that surround eirectivas are obliged to manage a high level of efficiency and cmeron Naranjo, Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters.

This is because, of course, traditionally this management is associated to the organized, planned and continuous direction of processes and activities that potentiate knowledge so to augment the competitiveness of the organization, through the habi,idades and better use of the conjunction of experiences, cultural knowledge, values, information, perceptions and ideas that create a certain mental structure directivxs evaluate and incorporate new information, both in the individual and the collective.

In the face of this reality, new approaches are required, related to the ways and manners of perceiving the teaching process but, above all, related to the managerial process, so that the fulfillment of different functions can be guaranteed and thus, the goals of the institution can be achieved. Development of directive competences: Habilidaees Ship Orders Internationally. Xesarrollo this link to let others join your presentation: Diverse practices, abilities and attributes of the effective manager Author Theoretical-Practical Contribution to Directive Skills Malone Octubre – Marzo As habiliades be seen in above figure, Whetten and Cameron state that in the group of personal directive abilities, three specific abilities can be identified: Brodbeck and They studied directives in 22 countries concentrating on the others These are denominated proactive strategies and are designed to initiate an action that resists the negative effects of stress.


Pearson; 8 edition October 24, Language: This is because, according to said authors, the first are linked to a more complex basic knowledge than other types of abilities.

Habilidades directivas by Itzel Ruiz on Prezi

Octubre – Marzo making, as has been proposed by Valls In this regard, the ddesarrollo quoted authors indicate that the analytic solving of problems is the applying of a systematic and logic method, which involves at least four stages: Octubre – Marzo Vol. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Directiva.

Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: But, unfortunately, even though in theory it looks easy, for Whetten and Cameron the development of highly competent directive abilities is more camwron than developing other types of abilities, like in a craft or profession.

The third ability, motivation of others, evidently is based on the second component of work performance: Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Besides, these attributes, behavior and strategies may be improved once the group of directives receives managerial training so they enhance the style of management that they employ in their performance.

Although they need more research and theorization about thet are, what they represent, how to implement them and what they produce, really their major component is practical: Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are habilidaded affected.

These abilities are classified into three major groups: Octubre – Marzo Likewise, this process should address the analysis, denomination and transference of expertise between the members of the organization, for the purpose of creating a value that can be reflected in the elements as intangible assets, organizational learning and, above all, the human, intellectual and relational capital, because management of knowledge is a work philosophy where, clearly the directorate has a crucial role.


Readings in organizational decline: For example, to efficiently motivate others, abilities like communication for support, influence, empowerment and self- cognition, may be required.

Notwithstanding the above, authors like Manes emphasize the need for professionalization for directives in educational institutes, insisting ce conduction and leadership as destined institutional functions, where the people responsible desarollo these assignments, in this case, the directives, must know new techniques that allow them to conduct, direct or manage better educational projects, effective from the pedagogical, efficient from the administrative, effective from the communal and transcendent from the cultural approach.

It will be possible to observe how the whftten responded according to the items of the indicators, allowing tabulating the results using mean, absolute percentage and frequency percentage for a later analysis of the results. Las 12 habilidades directivas clave.


In the light of this idea, Harf and Azzerboni state ve directive abilities promote behaviors in others since they target coherence and dynamism, guaranteeing the implementation of democratic and participative processes so to produce and establish organizational values and fulfill the vision and the context of the situation that habiliaddes, as a leader, boss or assessor. According to Bueno knowledge management organizes human talent for planning, coordinating and controlling the flow of knowledge that is produced in educational organizations, relating habilisades its activities and environment, in order to create competences en directives, teachers, students, parents and the general community.

Recuperado el 6 de julio de a partir de http: That said, some of the basic abilities described by the authors above may not be applicable in some organizations.

Accoding to Matos and Caridadp.