October 4, 2020

z/OS V1R DFSMS Managing Catalogs SC A catalog is a data set that contains information about other data sets. It provides users with the. Catalog Management. • Catalog Backup and Plan ahead and review the section in Managing Catalogs Incorporated into z/OS DFSMS Catalog RAS – New CSI Fields. • The CSI interface is documented in Chapter 11 of the DFSMS Managing. Catalogs manual. • A new entry type.

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Users with a need to access information from programs, batch jobs and automation scripts often have relied on calling LISTCAT and processing the output. To unsubscribe, go to the archives and home page at http: It says in the manual that the entry flag information could be Mannaging I concatenate them with this field i.

It cannot be used to get any other information from the catalog. Use of ISMF is also restricted by many mainframe sites.

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From that page select “Join or Leave the list”.

However IBM managng made the job of accessing catalog information easy. However it is also a far more powerful utility for listing and managing datasets. Managing Catalogs appendix B. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced in these articles belong to their respective companies. It is on by default.


IBM z/OS V1R DFSMS: Managing Catalogs (SC) – United States

Selection criteria also specifies what information is to be returned for each list. Sets the exit code based on entries found. From humble beginnings tracking which physical device each dataset was on, catalogs today hold information like:.

This article will cover how to get information from catalogs: It’s not all bad news for programmers needing to get access to the catalog. The downside is that this pattern must be fully qualified eg. October 6, This example shows a long listing -l form of a catsearch.

Entries found are not listed. The problem was the 8 byte input after all. Changes the maximum number of entries that will be returned by catsearch. We can help administer your systems, train your staff, and provide locum Systems Programmers for short periods.

However accessing information from these catalogs has not necessarily been straightforward. Add two blanks and see what happens.

Urgent Help with Catalog Search Interface (IGGCSI00)

This is the classic utility for listing datasets. Managing Catalogs” and this documentation does not seem to be complete. This basically means this field is not used for this item, e. Ctaalogs I assume that the remaining bits are all zeros and do the conversion to Bin or Hex to check or is there any other way? If you want to retrieve cafalogs than one field, use something like this: A single asterisk only lists datasets within the current segment; the double asterisk will span segments.

Sorry for not replying sooner but something came up and I had to leave office The End of the Communications Controller opinion: The opinions in this article are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any other person or organisation. Thanks again for your time and VERY valuable tips. Can anyone please provide some feedback on this issue?


CSI – Catalog Search Interface

Changes the default entry type filter for catsearch. The exit code using the -x switch and the same filter key is 2 indicating more than one entry found.

Squeezing Information From a Catalog. October 7, Managing Catalogs – SC Please note that after these fields the only other field I get is entry name of 44 bytes and the record ends.

LongEx Mainframe Quarterly – February If you need access to catalog information from a program or batch job, they’re not going to help you. Requests long form information about managijg listed Datasets in delimited format. Tailored dataset lists based on any catalog-related information can be produced.

Wednesday, October 06, 7: The data and index components have the actual values for the dataset. I tried to find some samples over the internet but I could not find anything. However you won’t find many people who enjoy using the user-unfriendly panels.