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The script used to write Dhivehi is called Thaana and is written from right to left. It is a relatively simple script with features of an alphabet as well. Throughout history, the Dhivehi or Mahl language was written using a number of Whereas Dives Akuru is a syllabic alphabet, Thaana is an alphabet with. Dhivehi Language (ދިވެހި) Alphabet Study and Learn | Dhivehi Language (ދިވެހި) | (English).

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As time went by it gradually replaced the older Dhives Akuru alphabet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Writing Thaana letters is pretty straightforward. The language of the Maldives has had its very own script since very ancient times.

For a sample text, see the article on Qaumii salaamthe Maldives’ national anthem. The division that Bell made based on the differences he perceived divehi the two types of Dhivehi scripts is convenient for the study of old Dhivehi documents.

Thanks so much for your explanations about Divehi language!

In fact, the order of the Thaana alphabet has no logic at all. It was inspired by numbers. At their origin the Thaana characters, which are based on Arabic numerals and other symbols, were used in fandita local magic or sorcery to write magical spells. Maldivian is closely related to, though not mutually intelligible with, Sinhalese.

The more historically known script, Dives Akuru script, appeared by the 12th century CE and was a prototypical South Asian abugida or syllabic alphabet where each sign represents a syllable rather than a sound.

Emeehunnash heyo visnumaa’i, heyo bu’dheege baaru libigenva’ava. By means of this small book Bodufenvalhuge Sidi — wanted to clearly show the fact that in ancient times Maldivians were writing from left to right in their own script.

Bell wrote a monograph on the archaeology, history and epigraphy of the Maldives. Without proper rendering aplhabetyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text. Maldivian learned men, who were all well versed in sorcery, eventually saw the advantages of writing in this simplified hidden script.


Another way I like to think about it is the noise people make when someone is insulted or makes a good comeback. History of writing Grapheme. This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat Haveeru Online – online version of a daliy newspaper in Divehi and English uses dynamic fonts: It indicates vowels with diacritic marks derived from Arabic. Some of the Taana letters were derived from Dives akuru, while others were modelled on Arabic numerals.

Diacritics are written after the letter carrying them. The use of these letters is not entirely consistent, and Maldivians do not always pronounce them the way they would be pronounced alpyabet the original languages. Omniglot is how I make my living. The oldest paleographically-datable inscription found in the Maldives is a Prakrit inscription of Vajrayana Buddhism dating back to the 9th or 10th century AD. It should be placed behind the front teeth, stopping the flow of air.

This was over two millennia ago, in the Mauryan period, during emperor Ashoka ‘s time.

Maldivian writing systems

The main reason why the Divehi Akuru were abandoned in favour of the Thaana script was owing alphabte the need the learned Maldivians had to include words and sentences in Arabic while writing in the Dhivehi language. For more details on how to write the letters, watch this video.

Consonants are written with diacritics either above or below them to indicate vowel sounds. An ancient form of Nagari scriptas well as the Arabic and Latin scripts, have also been extensively used in the Maldives, but with a more restricted function. Still, Bell’s broad and valuable contributions to the study of the Dhivehi language and scripts should not be underestimated.

Overview History of writing Grapheme. Thus, he contacted As-Sayyid Bodufenvalhuge Sidian eminent Maldivian scholar, who swiftly obliged. Retrieved from ” https: Prime Minister Nasir’s request to Bodufenvalhuge Sidi was done in order to clarify Bell’s misinterpretations, no matter how few. If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by alphabe in other ways.


Abugida with no inherent vowel.

Dhivehi Lesson 1: Script and Pronunciation – thatmaldivesblog

It is still seen in reprints of old books like the Bodu Tartheebu, and it is used by the people of Addu Atoll and Fuvahmulah when writing songs or poetry in their dialects as the sound is still present in their spoken language. Hence, with the passing of time, Thaana came out of the shadows and was gradually adopted for everyday use. The Thaana script first appeared in a Maldivian document towards the beginning of the 18th century in a crude initial form known as Gabulhi Thaana which was written scripta continua.

Present day members of Maldivian cultural institutions are aware of the lacunae in Bell’s research and of Bodufenvalhuge Sidi’s valuable contribution to alpbabet matters, but little has been done to correct those inaccuracies. Notable features Type of writing system: Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It has been influenced by and dhvehi words from a number of languages, including Arabic, French, Persian, Portuguese, Urdu and English. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Manuscripts used by Maldivian Buddhist monks were probably written in a script alphbet slowly evolved into a characteristic Dhivehi form. When vowels alphabdt come at the beginning of a word or are pronounced separately, they are attached to the letter alifu.

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to recognise and pronounce the letters and diacritics of Thaana. Hence Divehi Akuru is perhaps the only book ever written in Thaana that opens from the left side.

Padonkaffsky jargon Russian Translit Volapuk. It was still used in some atolls in the South Maldives as the main script until around 70 years ago.