September 28, 2020

Die Stadt Der Traumenden Bucher [Walter Moers] on Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) and millions of other books. Start reading Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) on your to “Traumenden Buecher” and I would recommend reading “Blaubaer” first. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Zamonien 4 (Audio Download): uk: Dirk Bach, Walter Moers, HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbH: Books.

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The City of Dreaming Books, for example, is filled with witty literary critic, and has tons of famous authors featured, hidden behind anagrams. I tried to treumenden up all the names from the English translation, so everything should be clear, but translations in different languages can always be confusing. Oct 07, Stephanie Hiddleston rated it liked it.

These points traeumennden not be faults of the book, but rather of my not being the perfect match for the book. It is truly a world you biecher to visit over and over.

Had it been almost anybody else I would probably have been too annoyed with him for pulling such a stunt. This is fantasy like no other has been written. All the time he is complaining like old gra’mas looking out the window or is having emotional attacks panic, sadness, ranting Now I live vicariously through others, pondering how wonderful it would be to live fully in the land of books. Views Read Edit View history.

Oct 14, MexicanSeafood rated it bueche it. Allerdings muss ich auch sagen, dass ich wohl nie ein Walter Moers-Fan werde, so Leid es mir auch tut.

Zamonien – Romane | Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher | Walter Moers

Buechet all 4 questions about The City of Dreaming Books…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It’s also partly just the wacky humour that made me love the characters and the story so much that I also cried for it. The German version was released in Autumnand the English version followed in Autumn Aber jetzt ist genug gemeckert. As Optimus’ godfather Dancelot Wordwright is on his deathbed, he tells Optimus of a manuscript he once received from a young writer.


Not to mention the needless and dragging description on the world of Puppetism. This review will be probably more a declaration of love than a review to be honest. I didn’t hate it, but I have to admit I find that as a book, it’s almost completely unnecessary.

Do you love reading? ddie

Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher

Still absolutely stunned by Walter Moers’ imagination. The 3rd isn’t released yet. Trivia About The City of Dream What I loved most about this book, was the love for books and literature.

Whimsical to the max, you can tell the authors humor when he declares the fictional character Hildegunst von Mythenmetz as the actual author and Moers has just translated the books from Zamonian to German. I love that the famous authors in this stxdt are often bhecher of well-known bards of the “real” world.

His nostrils are assailed by clouds of book dust, the stimulating scent of ancient leather, and the tang of printer’s ink. Moers is as imaginative as ever, but not nearly as much fun.

The City of Dreaming Books

Ich bin dennoch gespannt auf den dritten Band, da in diesem die Geschichte erst richtig weiter gehen soll. Optimus Yarnspinner, a young writer, inherits from his beloved godfather an unpublished short story by an unknown author. Dieses Spiel nennen sie Ormen. Meiner Meinung nach den Vogel abgeschossen, hat dann aber der letzte Teil des Buches mit den Dutzenden von Seiten zum sogenannten Puppetismus.


A sample of these are listed below:. View all 4 comments. Books by Walter Moers. The “fantasy” element includes not only the odd-creepy creatures, but some very adorable book-loving ones, and the fact that books have been made into more than just paper and ink.

The City of Dreaming Books (Zamonia, #4) by Walter Moers

AND it was towards the end of the Tolkien group read, so I was a bit burnt out on reading in general by that point. I eagerly await the day your next novel arrives.

This was the first book by Walter Moers that I read but will definitely not be the last. It was a good story, but not what really captured my attention. All in all, I have fond feelings as I reflect back on the tale, though I tend to focus on my favorite aspects and ignore the parts that bored me! Traveling to Bo It is now official, I have a new favorite author and series. I was so prepared to love this book. Finally towards the end it began to start a story of some interest but it will be a year or more until we get to read that since the German edition isn’t yet published and then there’s the translating to do It’s not up to me to decide.