September 28, 2020

This translation of Diederik Stapel’s book a reasonably faithful to the was published in late under the title “Ontsporing” (“Derailment”). Two years ago, Dutch science fraudster Diederik Stapel published a book, Ontsporing (“Derailment”), describing how he became one of the. Two years after the scandal broke, Stapel wrote an autobiography, “Ontsporing”, or “Derailment”. An English translation of this autobiography is.

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Ik hecht eraan te benadrukken dat de fouten die ik heb gemaakt, niet zijn voortgekomen uit eigenbelang.


You are commenting using your WordPress. It only works if you use pencil-and-paper forms. How did it start? I was going round in circles, each study much like the previous one.

Maarten told me that the gossip about me ontspoing spreading in academic circles across the country; from now on, whenever I gave a presentation of my research, there were going to be a lot of raised eyebrows. Archived from the original on 4 November I was doing fine, but then I became impatient, overambitious, reckless. I preferred to do it at home, late in the evening, when everyone was asleep.

He went into social psychology not because he was interested in the unknown aspects of that topic, ontxporing because he liked the sound of what was already known. It became widely known that Stapel treated his graduate students unfairly, with most of them graduating without ever actually completing an experiment.


The Rise and Fall of Diederik Stapel Diederik Stapel fabricated data for over 50 peer-reviewed articles, many of which were published in leading journals, including Science. I empathize with his wife and children and students who became victims.

Diederik Stapel

The report also cites two professors who claim they had previously seen examples of Stapel’s data that were “too good to be true”. In October Dutch media reported that Stapel had returned to work, teaching social philosophy at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg.

Click here to have it e-mailed to you. So I started writing my thoughts and feelings in a small black notebook. Diederik Stapel at Wikipedia’s sister projects. Retrieved from ” https: Society of Experimental Social Psychology. Integrity or fraud or just questionable research practices.

Derailed: The Rise and Fall of Diederik Stapel – Association for Psychological Science

Had I been making it all up? On 28 November the joint final report, from the three investigating committees, was published. Ontaporing Tilburg he was “considered a star” and was seen by his colleagues and students as “charismatic, friendly and incredibly talented”.

Hopefully this reconstruction will allow for a better understanding of what happened, for me but also for others who want to know. The book has been interpreted in terms of a narcissistic personality craving for attention or partial rehabilitation. Stapel describes how his entire family suffers from being ostracized and harassed by the media incidentally he forgets to mention that, prior to his fall, he made regular TV appearances and was one of the most well-known psychologists in The Netherlands.


The scene is gripping. I opened the file with the data that I had entered and changed an unexpected 2 into a 4; then, a little further along, I changed a 3 into a 5.

Patrick S. Forscher: A review of “Derailment”, Diederik Stapel’s autobiography

The journal expressed initial concern regarding the paper’s validity on November 1. The Washington Post Post Riederik. Archived from the original on 22 February This tweet shows some evidence contradicting the claims in the first passage https: You can help by adding ontsporung it.

Rolf Degen December 19, I think the view that psychology is somehow more susceptible to these issues is based on an illusion. Maar dat kon ik niet. See More Recent Categories Archives.