November 20, 2020

View and Download DIGITECH RP owner’s manual online. RP Guitar pdf manual download. Digitech RP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech RP Owner’s Manual. DigiTech RP • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Wow X-Edit only – Adjusts low frequency modulation below about 6 Hz that would be caused by tape speed variation.

Page 35 Depth – Knob 3 adjusts the Depth of the modulation. Regeneration – Knob 4 controls the regeneration of the effect. Before connecting the RP, make sure that the power to your amplifier and the RP xigitech turned off.

The RP includes the following Flanger Effect models: Comp Model – Knob 1 selects digigech of two Compressor models: Model DefinitionsEach Amp and Effect model within the RP can be programmed to suit your personal tasteand application.

Effects Level Knob 3 1. Depth – Knob 3 adjusts the Depth of the modulation. Noise Gate A Noise Gate is designed to eliminate noise while you are not playing, or provide an auto manuual swell effect.

Pdf Download | DigiTech RP User Manual (56 pages)

Rotating Knob 1 selects alternate dropped tunings. This will take the whole signal slightly in and out of tune at a steady pace. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. PresetsPresets are named and numbered locations of programmed sounds which reside in the RP Your manual failed to upload Other product names modeled in this product are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse andare not associated or affiliated with DigiTech or Harman International Industries, Inc.


Range – Knob 4 adjusts the throaty quality of the YaYa effect.

VibroPan vibpan A vibrato is an effect that modulates the pitch of the incoming signal. The RP includes the following Flanger Effect models: Pressing this knob turnsthe EQ on and off.

Release – Knob 4 sets the Release parameter. Amp Modeling also includes an acoustic guitar simulation. Changing presets, or turning the power off before storing any changes, erases any changes made and the RP will revert to the stored values for the preset.

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Page 14 Effects Level Knob 3 1. IEC 7th ed. Page of 56 Go. Gate Model – Knob 1 selects between the DigiTech noise gate or the volume swell effect. You can also initiate the calibration procedure by pressing and holding both Footswitches for approximately 5 seconds.

Page 37 Depth – Knob 3 adjusts the intensity Depth of the changing pan. The Footswitch on the right will select the next preset up, and theFootswitch on the left will select the next preset down.


When creatingyour own sound, you must first start with an existing preset.

Digitech RP Manuals

digtech Bypass ModeThe RP presets can be bypassed via a true analog bypass circuit for a clean, unprocessed guitarsignal. A Flanger uses the same principle as a Chorus but uses a shorter delay time and adds regeneration or repeats to the modulating delay. Depth – Manuak 3 adjusts the intensity Depth of the changing pan.

Applying PowerBefore applying power to anything, set your amp s to a clean tone and set the tone controls toa flat EQ response on most amps, this would be 0 or 5 on the tone controls. The RP comes with 60 User presets and 60 Fac- tory presets Connect one cableto the input of one amplifier, channel of a mixer, or power amp.

Depth – Knob 3 adjusts the amount of pitch change. Shift Amount – Knob 2 selects the interval of the shifted pitch. Duck Level X-Edit only – Adjusts the amount of attenuation applied to the delayed signal.