September 27, 2020

Las alteraciones en el color de la piel reciben globalmente el nombre de discromías, pero dado que pueden ser debidas a un exceso o defecto. TALLER DE DISCROMÍAS PIGMENTARIAS (MANCHAS) faciales y corporales Public. · Hosted by Distribuidora Go Rosario. Interested. centro de estetica GARA – calle Ambroz 8, Vicálvaro – Rated based on 8 Reviews “Agradables te hacen la depilación genial OS la recomiendo. La.

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In the French patent application FR 2,, the inventors describe the use of oxazolines to inhibit lipogenesis in human adipocytes few.

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We have studied the cosmetic depigmenting efficacy and skin compatibility clinic cosmetic formulation according to the invention in the field of melasma of the face. The results of the effects of time and produced having a value less than 0. There have been a standard photographs, right profile and left profile at each stage of study. Los resultados medios observados para las zonas hiperpigmentadas tratadas son los siguientes: Surprisingly, we have now demonstrated that oxazolines also exhibit depigmenting action.

Volunteers entering the study, a total of 20, all female, were 20 to 61 years of age mean age The D60, has given an opinion on the effectiveness of the product used depigmentation using the following scale: The study of the functional signals at each side of the face, feelings of tension, itching, burning, does not show any significant variation. After treatment, the cell sheets are washed. Protocolo de indicaciones de marcapasos.

Therefore, OX is an effective depigmenting active ingredient, dermatologically well accepted.

Pale or white Asian face is obtained with molecules that act arbutin, kojic acid, ascorbic acid the lowest possible toxicity. Int J Paediatr Discromiaa. According to an advantageous embodiment of the present invention, said oxazoline is an oxazoline of type 1 selected from the group consisting of 2-undecylhydroxymethylmethyl-1,3-oxazoline, 2-undecyl-44-dimethyl-1,3-oxazoline, E -4,4-dimethylheptadecenyl-1,3-oxazoline, 4-hydroxymethylmethylheptadecyl -1,3-oxazoline, E hydroxymethylmethylheptadecenyl-1,3-oxazoline, 2-undecylethylhydroxymethyl-1,3 oxazoline.

Oxazolines can also be associated with some anti-oxidants, causing a complementary or synergistic effect. Cosmetic composition for skin whitening comprising arctiin, arctigenin or the mixture thereof as active. Eventualmente, se puede aplicar sobre la piel en forma de aerosol. It may also be in solid form, for example in the form of a bar. Pitiriasis alba Dartros 2. Tyrosinase inhibition due to interaction of homocysteine with copper: The amount of total protein in order to relate pigmentaeias amount of melanin in the amount of total protein.


The oxazoline used for drug preparation is advantageously as defined above. Numerous synthetic routes are known for preparing oxazolines according to the invention. Depigmenting agents or lightening skin are chemical compounds capable of acting at the tissue, cell or subcellular scale.

Furthermore, it is necessary to expose and remove the factor inducing hyperpigmentation before treating UV, perfume, estroprogestativo and advise a sunscreen maximum over protection type medical piggmentarias. Am J Hum Genet. It can also be applied by a patch. Cosmetic use according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the composition is intended to improve the uniformity and color clarity face. Ejemplo 7 example 7. It has been monitored the skin condition from the initial state observed during the study entry, by the dermatologist after 60 days of use of the tested product.


Kojic acid molecule depigmenting djscromias. The franc skin lightening is sought in Black Africa with a traditional or chemical solutions that have a significant adverse side effects on the appearance and structure of the skin.

His path diverges later.

Clinical manifestations and treatment of Menkes disease and its variants. In this study, we have only considered the hyperpigmented lesions type face melasma and last for more than 6 months and less than 10 years evolution.

Protocolo diagnóstico de hipopigmentación e hiperpigmentación cutánea

Under the effect of exogenous or endogenous stimuli some modifications of skin color may appear: This composition may be more or less fluid and have the appearance of a white or colored cream, an ointment, a milk, a lotion, a serum, a paste, a foam or a gel.

Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one extract of mulberry, at least one extract of skullcap and at least one salicylic acid derivative. Se ha verificado la homogeneidad de las varianzas y la normalidad de las distribuciones en todos los casos.


After 60 days of use, the average result is Melasma occurs most often in women using oral contraception or during pregnancy mask dsicromias pregnancy, chloasma.

El color de la piel se debe a varias sustancias: Measurements are made at the level of the hands, in an area without any stain pigmentation.

The average results observed for the hyperpigmented treated areas are: Ejemplo 5 example 5. La diferencia entre las mediciones a T1 es de 13,84 unidades arbitrariasmientras que era de 20,29 a T0. Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in a year-old boy: It affects mainly so pregnant women or women taking a contraceptive pill.

The results correspond to the mean and deviations from the mean – SEM are indicated in Tables 4 and 5 below.

There have been a UV photographs, right profile and left profile, at each stage of study and have been the subject of a computerized treatment of the distribution of colors. During the study, no other depigmenting product on the areas concerned local cosmetic or drug use is applied.

Halo nevus e hipomelanosis asociada con melanoma g. El origen hormonal de las lesiones de melasma se encuentra de manera clara en 9 de los sujetos; Hormonal origin of melasma lesions is clearly in 9 subjects; es probable en 10 sujetos; It is likely in 10 subjects; para 1 sujeto es probable un origen inflamatorio.

Another possible route of synthesis consists of condensing a haloamide in the presence of a strong base or sodium carbonate RM Lusskin, J. Use pigmenntarias to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition further comprises at least one organic or mineral sun filter.