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View and Download American Dynamics DV installation and operating instructions manual online. Intellex Digital Video Management System. DV . He ‘s the friendliest dv you immediately want to restrain no, dashboard; the t’s site, Norma Thornton, tossed. religion consoles closed James Barton, who. I have conducted Endermologie Skin treatments for over 30 years. Aesthetician Rita Czech. Located in Los Angeles. to Schedule.

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Click and hold the mouse button. When the database becomes full, the unit behaves as if circular mode is selected, recording over the oldest images.

The total disk storage capacity of the Intellex exceeds the capacity of a tape cartridge. The playback screen appears. All motion detection is imperfect.

When an alarm is detected, the unit increases the number of samples from the camera associated with the alarm. The farther you drag the arrows on the button counterclockwise, the faster the playback proceeds in reverse. If a portion of a cable is installed outside of a building, the entire cable is vulnerable rv16000 lightning.


You must ev16000 the Archive Enable privilege to access it. The new segments appear on the camera line. Image resolution does not increase; images are simply displayed over a larger area. See for more information. It will display all Intellex screens and help topics in the configured language.

It also lists each video segment on the archive tape. The amount of sharpening depends on the zoom level. Page 74 Installation and Operating Instructions Setup After they are defined, you can configure active and alarmed segments see Configuring an Active Segment on page 66 and Configuring an Alarmed Segment page If you modify the image on a computer and want to load it on dv1600 unit, save it in bitmap format with the name IMAGE.

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Click the desired alarm input polarity. When an alarm is detected, the unit increases the number of samples from the camera associated with the alarm.

Index of /product-manuals/Intellex

Use the scroll bar to display cameras that are hidden. Rather than displaying the actual name of the covert camera, the default camera name is displayed. Replace — Use this option to copy a filter configuration over an existing filter configuration. A confirmation screen appears.

The Setup Options screen appears see Click the Alarm button. The polarity of all alarm inputs is programmable see Click Yes to shut down the system. SCSI-3 — This high density pin female connector provides the interface between the unit and an optional data storage device. From the mznual list screen, click Add. Do not disconnect the CD-RW while an export is in progress.

Index of /product-manuals/Intellex

If you do not select Include Weekend and Include Holiday, then only weekdays will be included in the archive schedule. All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. If the unit does not power up, insert the special tool provided in the pinhole beneath the power indicator to turn on unit power.

For example, with nine cameras connected, the sequence is: Connect a call monitor to the BNC connector on the Call Monitor board, connector 24, to see live video from a single camera Call mode or from alarmed cameras in sequence Spot mode.

If unit power is still on, insert a paper clip into the pinhole above the REC indicator to reset the unit. Access to the playback screen controls and indicators is a protected feature. Select this option to recover data from an archive tape. The User screen appears. Use the Audio Setup functions in Intellex to adjust the volume as required.


If the Software is protected by a software or hardware key or other device, the Software may be used on any computer where the key is installed. This tab only appears if Include Holiday is selected on the Mode tab. Camera Sequencing Installation and Operating Instructions Camera Sequencing The unit can display cameras sequentially in any available format.

The unit copies the information for each segment on the line into memory.

Click Cancel to cancel this operation and return to the Utility Options screen. Move the slider to any desired point in the segment, then click Play to begin or resume playback of the segment at that point. Installation and Operating Instructions Include part of day Select this option to start holiday before processing at a specific time on the day before the holiday. Don’t show me this message again.

This is included with Premier models. If there is too little contrast between an object in the foreground and its background, this is usually due to poor lighting.

Installation and Operating Instructions Resolution This setting lets you choose either x or x Otherwise you will affect unit operation. Select No Image Filters.

Dv16000 manual

If unit power is off, insert a paper clip into the pinhole below the power indicator to janual up the unit. At lower settings, larger changes are required to trigger the filter. The playback screen controls and indicators are described below: