September 27, 2020

0€ Shipping ✓ Ecler AUDEO Speaker passive, black HOT DEAL» 30 Days Money Back ✓ Huss: Your PRO Shop for Event Equipment (accessed. ECLER CAUDEOWH AUDEO speaker – White – 50W 8ohm/V – ” woofer 25mm soft dome tweeter ABS cabinet w/Wall bracket (Price per pair). ECLER AUDEOP self-powered stereo kit is the embodiment of the successful reputed AUDEO series in a user-friendly and cost-effective formula that can.

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Home theatrer package comprising: Available in black or white, sold per pair. Low-profile, variable coverage, W stainless steel powered speaker.

All weather 2-way speaker with 25mm HF, long throw mm LF. Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array element. Includes SonicGuard overload protection.

Home Speakers Pro speakers. Bracket to fix 4 x NEST attached to the ceiling.

Ventura 6 Product details PDF. Foam, slip-on pads for horizontal K-Array Kayman setup monitor or front fill.

Round plastic enclosure loudspeakers with built-in V line transformer and steel grill, designed for mounting on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Phone number Include country dialing code e. Control Product details PDF. Rotating logo is used to adjust logo in a right direction for horizontal eecler vertical mounting.


Name and last name. The Tannoy AMS 8DC is a wide bandwidth, high power-handling and high sensitivity surface mount loudspeaker designed with an aesthetic that is perfect for the architectural considerations of building design.

Ecler Audeo 106 Speakers

Available in black or white please specify when ordering. Outdoor terminal cover for EVIDavailable in black or white.

Control 52 Product details PDF. AcousticDesign Series surface mount speaker, dual 8″ weather resistant, 2-way, 90 x 60 degree rotatable, high power version, ships with yoke mount.

Ecler audeo – Ecler Pro speakers for sale on Hi-Fi Di

Molded enclosure, shielded magnet. Special mounting bracket and rotating logo allows this speaker to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Transformer and mounting plate are included. Available in black or white finish.

Two way closed box, 35mm thin satellite speaker. Ideal for public address and background music applications in various public areas, such as waiting rooms, offices, educational establishments and retail outlets. Volume control, headphone jack and Ecldr contour control. Power supply for 1 K-Array Tornado for background or speech. Suitable for outdoor use. For more information contact us: The ecle “U” shaped wall bracket allows for tilt adjustment.


Ideal for background music reinforcement in shops, restaurants, corporate premises, etc. Surface mount speaker with a 5. Yoke mount for AD-S8T loudspeaker, available in black or white.

Ecler AUDEO Loudspeaker cabinet

Ratcheting mounting bracket, up to degrees. Bracket to fix 2 x NEST attached to the wall. Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array element Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array element Ultra-slim 12″ passive coaxial line array e.

VIVAT has built-in 5″ mm woofer and 1″ 25 mm tweeter. Ultra compact 2-way coaxial loudspeaker cabinet with neutral and discreet design. As with DVS 4 but with addition of an internally mounted low insertion loss 30W line transformer for 70V or V distributed sound applications. Corporate and residential buildings Commercial premises Leisure centres Sound reinforcement in clubs, bars, etc. Best for retail shops, schools, government buildings.