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First Lensman E. E. Smith downloads; Triplanetary E. E. Smith downloads · The Skylark of Space E. E. Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby downloads. You’ll be fine to start with Galactic Patrol, and in fact if you start with Triplanetary ( as I did, many years ago) you’ll get confused when you get to. Book Series: Skylark (4) · Lensman (6). Edward Elmer Smith, also known as E.E. “Doc” Smith, was an early science fiction author who is sometimes referred to.

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Paperbackpages. First Lensman No human being had ever landed on the hidden planet of Arisia. All of this later activity was part of bringing the series to book publication, a form in which it was sometimes described as “The History of Civilization” — the “Civilization” in question being an interstellar one. The aliens were surprisingly well-thought-out. First Lensman – This development of Triplanetary is important to defining the origins of the Galactic Patrol.

The Eddorians are nebulous, shifting creatures, and can assume a variety of human forms. lnesman

Lensman series – Wikipedia

A couple of hundreds of millions of years either way do not matter, since at least that much time was required for the inter-passage. The Galactic Patrol, summoned to work together in this way for the first time, contains billions of beings who in total can generate immense mental force.

This probably isn’t the story for you. Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volume 1 skith E.


It’s not bad, especially a lenmsan or two into the series. Yet even were it all seemless, the stories themselves are no great shakes. Triplanetary 1 3 Sep 05, To him fell the perilous task of infiltratin To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lensman Series

And I don’t much. He is sometimes called the father of space opera. Our heroes encounter highly technology advanced adversaries, but a quick scan with a spy beam and humanity can easily build even more powerful weapons in lensnan matter of weeks.

La saga dei Lensmen by Edward Elmer Smith. It’s just a series of deus ex machina where the heroes carry an assortment of devices that let them overcome any problems.


Works can belong to more than one series. The series begins with Triplanetarybeginning two billion years before the present time and continuing into the near future. First Lensman by E. The other books are just not up the the standard of the original four. Like space is filled with “aether. First three books in one – Triplanetary – First L… More. Refresh and try again.

Books by Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer) (sorted by popularity) – Project Gutenberg

But it is basically pulp fiction, and being re I had no nostalgic connections to it having read it the first time this smitj, I got nothing out of it. It’s a great, fun series, but only if taken in the context of its time – the leadup to World War II, and a time with very different values than we enjoy today. I haven’t read any of the others, and I probably won’t, because they’d likely just be further sequences of scenes trying lenaman top each other and make me ever more thoroughly impressed.


We start with a snapshot of an ancient high-tech Atlantis, wiped out by atomic war, and then a rather puzzling vignette from Rome under Nero; then the first and second world wars. Lists with This Book. The things SF writers feel they need to explain!

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I don’t know that the non-spoiler version of Triplanetary was actually in the Lensman universe.

By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. The Children of the Lens, together with the mental power of unknown millions of Lensmen of the Galactic Patrol, docc the Arisians’ intended means to destroy the Eddorians and make the universe safe for Civilization.

It’s Science Fictionand if you read it as a creature of its time, it’s lensnan lot of fun. Although they were pretty human-like in their psychology, they nevertheless did not always act as humans would, and the characters noticed this.

Reading them again, I found that the clunky writing, the cardboard characters, the outdated social mores Don’t trust my rating of this book; leensman part of my childhood, when I read it over and over again, and I have no way of objectively rating it.