October 10, 2020

Publicada por aclamación pública en Argentina, El anatomista de Federico Andahazi lleva a los lectores a Venecia en el siglo XVI. Pues este es. And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mystery. Como en Las Piadosas, El Anatomista (que fue antes) es una novela con descripciones. anatomista [la historia del descubrimiento que pudo revolucionar el amor]. User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. Mateo Colon, an anatomist of the.

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And as the clitoris brings about these organisms, it must be a path to the devil. Instead a record of who women “were” which should make women rejoice about who we are now. The Renaissance is on, but there’s still belief in witchcraft and demons, women are very much second class citizens and viewed as inferior to men. It is in part a love story, in part an exploration of sexual repression and religious intolerance of science, in andahxzi a comic look at how men have historically been mystified by the female body and, for that matter, by women.

Lo novedoso es el tema y la forma en que el autor nos anatomosta presenta. In the renaissance, a science dude discovers the clitoris. Se deja leer, tiene un comienzo demasiado pretencioso, casi innecesario. And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mystery. To view it, click here. Yeah, it could have been longer, but then it could not be read in a single sitting.


El Anatomista by Federico Andahazi | : Books

And I just thought View all 9 comments. El final es espectacular: Sly, witty and a bit dark are the first characteristics to list of this novel set during the Inquisition.

It made no mention of her tiny hands that seemed hardly large enough to encircle a male organ, nor of her diminutive mouth whose cavity one would have thought unable to receive a fully engorged member. The writing is luscious in its descriptiveness. OK, this is Italy in the s.

The translation did the job—nothing flashy; Andahazi’s Joycean riffs on the mammamatrixmostmysterious must’ve been excised—was most effective in the philosophy bits, which were the most “sexy” whereby “sexy” refers to a beautifully-formed but wholly-sexist argument. Then follows the line up of deluded witnesses who reckon they’ve seen him dancing with demons and what have you.

The Anatomist

Let the orgasms begin! And so it is with The Anatomist — a tale of the grand anatomic discovery.

Before he starts off his story, there’s naatomista couple of very short introduction chapters all the chapters in this book are short. The “discovery” of the clitoris was as amazing and andxhazi for the western world as Colombus finding America!!

It’s not a long read, so I have finished it in a day. Lists with This Book. And it mostly pulls them all off, albeit breezily at times. This book doesn’t seem to hold that much respect for women.


I maybe should explain a bit about this book. A lyrically written, sensual, and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist’s astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe. In addition I thought it was tastefully erotic. fecerico

El Anatomista Teacher’s Guide

Even Sigmund Freud might be jealous. Nor did it make mention of her firm animal thighs, as if rounded on a lathe, nor of her voice like crackling wood. His is a crime of disclosure, heinous and heretical in the Church’s eyes, andahzai that his research threatens to subvert the whole secular order of Renaissance society.

The way to be a good woman is either to be a virgin or to cut it off, so we see this saintly woman cutting off her own, then her daughters’ and setting up some cult where she circumcises all the women joining. In sixteenth-centruy Venice, celebrated physician Mateo Colombo finds himself antaomista bars at the behest of the Church authorities.

The essay runs in an hypothesis through all his work: Kinetic fluids which contain the soul become trapped in the clitoris. View all 5 comments. Put modern day sensibilities away wh After reading some of the reviews, I say “don’t shoot the messenger”.