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Buy El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) by Roberto Ampuero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Novela policial en que el mismísimo Pablo Neruda contrata al detective Cayetano Brulé para resolver un caso: la búsqueda de una misteriosa mujer. : El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Ampuero and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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Now, ill with cancer and facing death he asks Cayetano to help resurrect his past in an attempt to assuage old guilts and remorse.

Roberto Ampuero

And he did for a time, but he kept returning to the Neruda story because that was the mechanism by which he chose to tell his story. I am glad I read it, but there was nothing exceptional about the story or the writing. As a reader, I was not able to suspend my disbelief with Ampuego as a character. Pablo Neruda has three houses, the most famous of which is La Sebastiana and his poetry dots the literary landscape here giving a unique ammpuero of the man sitting in the armchair he names La Nube.

Other books in the series.

It’s not exactly a wild goose-chase, but the various leads lead Cayetano on to a number of left-leaning locales, notably Cuba and East Germany coincidentally or not, stations in the younger Ampuero’s life as well But I can’t get into the story, and I don’t know that I’ll ever finish it.

The story got better, the writing got better, and my interest got more piqued as I worked my way through the story. Chile right before Allende falls. In Chile his works have sold more than 40 editions. Galileo, Brecht, and Neruda had more in common than their flights from threatened pain: Looking for work, he is intrigued when Neruda asks him to search out a Cuban, Dr.

His wife nerufa had left him to become a revolutionary in Cuba was right to criticize his skepticism, his nerudz to embrace any cause, his tendency to watch things from a distance. View all 14 comments. Through Cayetano taking on Pablo Neruda’s case, we get to learn more about Pablo Neruda and the pol “The Neruda Case” is a great book is a mystery that stars the famous poet and one of my very favorite poets personallyPablo Neruda.

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This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat I liked it a great deal. As they talk, Neruda provides him with a challenge — to find a rl he has not seen for many many years. You see Neruda as a morally flawed poetic genius.

It was there that Beatriznow known as Schall was employed as an instructor. I received this advance copy as a winner in a Goodreads First Reads drawing. El caso Neruda – US. Occasionally Ampuero speaks of bolero and carimba, but as now when we read of detectives based in Europe or Africa, oftentimes they are listening to something America or Europe has produced.

So Cayetano sets off for Mexico and dabbles at investigation, eventually meeting with at least some sort of success — only to find that Neruda was, in fact, more or less just testing him. You’re deluded and so clearly enamored of the “new democracy” in Chile, as you call the current neo-liberal government of which you are a member as Chile’s current ambassador to Mexico –BTW, a ruling-elite which came to power in after Pinochet’s fascists overthrew the democratically-elected government of Salvador Allende, murdering thousands of Chilean-leftists and destroying the dreams of millions in the CIA-backed coup of that you are either unable or unwilling to see the truth about Neruda or about the socialist governments you find so flawed!

I bought a real copy of this book, so this ARC is yours if you want it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yet Beatriz remains the elusive femme fatale.

But all three times I was petrified There are many references, some sly or humorous, to Golden Age detectives, art, writers, TV and radio programs and other cultural markers of the early seventies.

In fact, Ampuero’s brief epilogue alludes to his own mysterious inside knowledge; pretty fantastic for a neighbor-boy who actually admits that he never even spoke to Neruda!

The Neruda Case – Roberto Ampuero

Additionally, the present-day scene at the beginning felt forced and the time shift to the past was jarring. Assumed office March 11, That part of the narrative seemed to be more interesting, and Ampuero was seemingly eager to explore that line of narrative. The history is amazing, and the writing is lovely in places.

Cayetano meets a man who first introduces himself as Ricardo Reyes Cayetano is apparently not well-read enough to caos the Pessoan heteronym allusion It features a detective, Cayetano Brule, who is introduced to the profession in an unusual way, and cqso on what is truly a far-reaching trek across the Atlantic and throughout the Southern Hemisphere in search of his clues for his mysterious new client. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I think it is safe to assume that a man who can write movingly about love has experienced it in spades.


Read this wonderfully translated thriller to find out and don’t be surprised to realize that you will want to travel with Cayetano Brule wherever he goes next.

Neruda-friend Allende also pays a visit to the poet in the course of the story.

El caso Neruda

The thrill of the hunt. On the trail for one man — Dr. It roberti have been a lost in translation issue or a personal style quibble on my part, or even just a first book in a series syndrome sufferer, but I wasn’t drawn into the story. The prose—or is it the translation? The Neruda Case – Canada.

Roberto Ampuero – Wikipedia

Cayetano has no experience as a PI, so Neruda hands him a stack of Georges Simenon novels and tells him to go to work, which I found hilarious. Brule was prone to falling into spurious and unmotivated flirtations and romantic relationships–speaking of sexist.

He knew how to live alongside the powers that be, how to shut up when it was in his own interests, and how to reap the advantages offered to him by the regime.

During these years he worked as a translator. Neruda died in his house in Isla Negra on 23 September six and a half hours after that injection. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Married to a bourgeois revolutionary, Cayetano finds himself beckoned to one of the many homes Neruda possesses, this one in the city of Valparaiso, a once great port city that lost its glory at the turn of the twentieth century; with the opening of the Panama Canal shipping companies no longer needed to take the long journey past Cape Horn.