December 14, 2020

Buy El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) by Roberto Ampuero (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Novela policial en que el mismísimo Pablo Neruda contrata al detective Cayetano Brulé para resolver un caso: la búsqueda de una misteriosa mujer. : El caso Neruda (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Ampuero and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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If you want not stop action, mayhem, murder, psychopaths with chain saws in dark alleyways, then you will likely find this fine novel boring.

During these years he worked as a translator. The story got better, the writing got better, and my interest got more piqued as I worked my way through the story. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The history is amazing, and the writing is lovely in places. The spirit and flavor of Neruda’s “voice” pervade the novel. I really liked how Ampuero was able to weave all of these elements together in order to create a story that will appeal to so ampueroo different readers.

The search turns from a man to a woman and child. The hills, harbor, taverns, cafes, plazas and factories paint a picture of complexity and diversity.

The Neruda Case is set against the backdrop of the waning days and fall of the Chilean government of President Allende. Cayetano has no experience as a detective but Neruda cajoles him to begin the search and suggests he nerudda the Simenon books starring the fictional detective Maigret for guidance in the art of eel.

I used the word “sly” midway in my status updates, but it is also nostalgic, and audacious, taking the poet and looking at his life through the women he loved or betrayed, real and fictional, and looking at the period t Yay, it is here in my hot little hands, waiting to be read.

He studied there for 12 years, completing his schooling in with a GPA of 5.


Then Ampuero claims, in his epilogue, that it’s all based on tales neruds to him by unnamed sources sounds like something straight out of todays corporate-state news coverage Thanks to a contact in the Eastern Ampueo Embassy, he left Chile in after receiving a scholarship for journalism in the University of Karl Marx in Leipzig.

On the trail for one man — Dr. We first meet Brule as he answers a summons from the supremely admired poet Pablo Neruda. Married to a bourgeois revolutionary, Cayetano finds himself beckoned to one of the many homes Neruda possesses, this one in roverto city of Valparaiso, a once great port city that lost its glory at the turn of the twentieth century; with the opening of the Panama Canal shipping companies no longer needed to take the long journey past Cape Horn.

I hope this book does well; perhaps it will create some interest in translating Ampuero’s other novels into English.

We had tried to restore the socialism, but now there was a dictatorship and what the people most criticized was that the dictator declared everyone against him an enemy of the state, and therefore you have to incarcerate them, shoot them, or expel them out of the country. Honestly Roberto, you come off like a very comfortable second-guessing cynic who wasn’t old enough to know what was happening around you and who wishes to rationalize and re-interpret the history of Chile in order to justify your own position and your neo-liberal world view!

Roberto Ampuero – Wikipedia

Seeing it is the first novel of a long-running series, I certainly hope that they take the time to translate more, because the book was highly enjoyable. In the end, it was a decently satisfactory story with a fairly satisfactory ending. See the locations of the book here – link: Notified May 31 that I have won a First Reads nreuda Loved this literary thriller for its quick pace, beautiful imagery, vivid characters not least Neruda and zigzagging plot.

I think it is safe to assume that a man who can write movingly about love has experienced it in spades. Retrieved December 21, Neruda-friend Allende also pays a visit to the poet in the course of the story.


In fact, the whole novel revolves around Brule’s search for the woman in various centers of left-socialism throughout the world initial experiments that Ampuero clearly judges to be laughable failures with little merit and the detective’s entirely fictional but deeply judgemental conversations with the great poet about his views on life as well as Brule’s own confusions and critiques of Neruda’s misguided “egoism” as he travels to socialist countries where Brule experiences highly stereotypical people and events.

I bought a real copy of this book, so this ARC is yours if you want it. Between and he worked in real estate. An interview with Ampuero in the online magazine The Daily Beast states that Neruda was in fact a serial monogamist, just as he is depicted in the novel.

A slow plot in parts and one which develops over the whole book but what this leaves you with is a full and immersive impression of Chile, its history, and its people. Ampuero makes no mention of the fact that Neruda suspected a doctor of injecting him in the stomach with an unknown substance for the purpose of murdering him at the order of Pinochet. Ampuero now resides in Iowa where he is a professor at the University of Iowa in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

El Caso Neruda

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Reporting to Neruda, Cayetano is dispatched to Havana, where he was born but had left as a small child. English language readers finally have the opportunity to read nerudaa writing of Roberto Ampuero and what an opportunity it is! Well written and engaging, Ampuero’s characters come to life.