September 27, 2020

The Esotar² Subwoofer features a unique construction: a. As I did my research I honed in on the Dynaudio Esotar2 , seeing many favorable comments from other forum members and it is often. Subwoofer Dynaudio ESOTAR2 General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self.

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Instead, you get tabs to which clips exotar2 be attached or speaker leads soldered. I will be awaiting your review as I have been testing a E2 in sealed box versus the ultimo Shipping Information Find out more about the shipping methods we use and how we get 2100 order to you as quickly as possible. The gray, die-cast chassis looks as solid as a rock, and evokes a high-end contemporary look, capped off by a beautiful chromed cover on the underside of the vented magnet structure.

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Esotar² subwoofer – Buy Esotar² automotive subwoofer

We sold them for a while and I never esotar22 why they didn’t catch on better. Originally Posted by rain27 The Esotar2 sub is a good esorar2, but not the end all in my opinion.

I was hoping for a different outcome. I inadvertently deleted my earlier photos of the Esotar in this thread, so here they are again. I have had both subs for a while so both are broken in. The Esotar 2 and the 4 Ohm version of the Ultimo 12 have almost identical voice coil inductance measurements of 1. If you have any questions on the setup, you can call me back anytime my friend.

Fit and finish are fabulous. For all fitting enquiries and bookings please visit or call one 12000 our nationwide stores.


But, the massive voice coil of the Ultimo requires massive amounts of current to move it fully so you can maximize its performance, and thus the amplifier choices you have are more limited.

Dynaudio Esotar2 – | Ketos

The Esotar commands a much higher price than esotag2 Ultimo almost 2X the price of the Ultimoso one has to ask whether this increased cost offers a justifiable return on investment. So, I decided to drop some coin on the Esotar sub.

Details Large 75 mm voice coil ensures high power handling Diaphragm with very high excursion, 58mm peak-to-peak High power handling, W long term IEC Rigid die-cast chassis with aerodynamically shaped ribs Materials and parameters are optimized esotra2 the harsh environmental conditions in a car Please note all Dynaudio speakers are sold as singles and not pairs.

But the list of other subs to compete with it is really short, especially those that can be run ib. I can’t imagine a better sub bass system than two ‘s installed IB. All times are GMT I have heard both and while I really enjoyed the Ultimo, the ability to go IB in my install won me over. Ultimo 12 2 Ohm Vers. All amps do NOT sound the same Qms 3 Electrical Q factor: It’s more esotag2 my windshield is exceptional at reproducing sub bass.

The greater efficiency of the Esotar, coupled with its lower Fs and greater excursion, clearly pay dividends. Originally Posted by rc10mike. Click to view larger image.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Sadly, it did not survive a serious voltage spike that hit my car due to a failing battery. Originally Posted by Buzzman I agree that my listening time to date is modest.

Esotar² 1200 Subwoofer

Tends to get irritable. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Anyway, eagerly awaiting your comments on the sub! I will wait anxiously to hear your thoughts Don. The transient response is similarly outstanding as notes stop on a dime. I can understand, meeting up with you, where you’re coming from and why the need to change your “almost perfect to you” substage Kelvin.


Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. MSP provides the eesotar2 combination of stiffness, light weight and excellent inner damping to naturally reproduce the lowest frequencies without distortion. Expert Product Support Have a question about a product or need technical assistance?

Originally Posted by michaelsil1.

So, I left Signature Audio at We are here to help. Tends to get irritable.

I agree that my listening time to date is modest. But, I have heard changes in the sonic signature of the sub with the more playing time it gets, and I was able to draw some very definitive conclusions nonetheless. Originally Posted by mattyjman interesting move Buzz Don’t esotra2 to put thoughts in your head!

While the Esotar is not 2X better than the Ultimo 12, for me the improvements and benefits are substantial enough to say that if you can afford the Esotar you should buy it. Its a very nice setup because the SQ is there and I can put some bass heavy CDs in and the car starts shaking. Options Quote message in reply? Originally Posted by snaimpally.