October 7, 2020

Editorial Reviews. Review. So many books have been written about the : Zen in the Art of Archery eBook: Eugen Herrigel, R. F. C. Hull: Kindle Store. Zen in the Art of Archery has ratings and reviews. body and the mind) is brilliantly explained by Professor Eugen Herrigel in this timeless account. The Myth of Zen in the Art of Archery. YAMADA Shoji. [uFf4;41I n. Eugen Herrigel’s “Zen in the Art of Archery” has been widely read as a study of Japanese.

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Like Zen itself, my understanding of it is both there and not there, I can’t verbalize it or write it but it exists to me in me head, like another part of me. Let the people from a culture tell their stories. It might be partly the translation, by R. A painless book to read. Herrigel spent several years learning what he needed to learn before his teacher considered it was time for him to shot over the normal thirty meter distance.

I’m sure I’d be a better person if I could just be in this way, but I never will, just like I will never be an Astronaut or a Fireman, and that’s okey dokey because the world needs anxiously high-strung neurotic people just as much as they need A painless book to read.

It just occurred to me, as I read, that I need a master, too. If it resonates with you like it did me, it has hit its target. I liked this book very much. Lately I have also become very sensitive to cultural appropriation, and I no longer enjoy reading books on Yog that are written by someone who can’t read Sanskrit, or a book on Zen by someone who doesn’t understand Japanese language. Someone who might want to know more about this eastern spirituality and might even want to attain it himself but who is too set in the western way of thinking and being with a focus on conscious and will power, which act as roadblocks on this journey.


The questions that a reader asks, the author asks. The practice itself is a means to realize the Great Discipline. Most never range more than pages but they never fail to send my brain round in circles trying to really comprehend what I just read.

A feeling for practical issues, perhaps adchery a very small-scale that have wide implications. Apr 22, Helina Sommer rated it it was amazing. Falling in with fascism for a protestant, socialised under the Second Empire in a border region was typical for his generation.

I suppose a good way to sum up my experience of this book is that it, for now, will be the closest I come to seeing what Zen is. With Krishnamurti the idea is to yerrigel one with nature and be oblivious to the self or anything beyond the moment, you are one with it and thus don’t eguen an independent existence during that moment.

I liked this, but wanted to like it more. It is credited with introducing Zen to Western audiences in the late s and s.

Zen in the Art of Archery

I failed to see a genuine learning in the voice of the author. Some of the things that Herrigel quotes his master as saying just cut you to the quick, they’re so insightful and beautiful. View all 14 comments.

The concept of relaxed attention was interesting to me. Essence or what the author calls “It” in this book, is in roots. Can we pleas Are we all such helpless and inexperienced beginners with not the slightest clue on how to correct our aims or on how to draw our bowstrings right?

His master stresses this over and over – that any technical training available to Herrigel pales in comparison to the long-term gain that comes from abandoning himself to the skill. Yes, it was hard to understand sometimes because it is a lot further from my mind. You know already that you should not grieve over bad shots; learn now not to rejoice over the good ones. To really know I think you have to experience it, you have to go through years of training like the author, Eugen Herrigel did.


With Zen the idea is to learn the same through the medium of an associated Zen takes Buddhism a step beyond the simple dictums of Theravada. I did cringe every time Herri I was surprised that I enjoyed this book fairly well. I loved this book! L’autore in questo manualetto ci prova e in parte secondo me ci riesce. Some of the things that Herrigel qu SUM: Jan 23, trivialchemy rated it liked it.

It was almost caricaturish. It’s shockingly literal – youas in, your conscious mind are pretty much doing nothing. Herrigel’s journey to mastery over the art of archery is one characterized by progressively growing more skilled at losing himself in the skill, in dissolving into the actions he’s performing to the point where it’s almost like he isn’t doing anything at all.

Zen takes Buddhism a step beyond the simple dictums of Theravada. I know it did have certain power when it was originally published.

I need to breathe. No, I bought archeru a blood thirsty murder tale set in t Second review Oh, wow. Oh that we could all train under a zen master.

Quotes From Zen in the Art of Archery | Independent Society

Herrigel has an accepting spirit towards and about unconscious control of outer activity Westerners heretofore considered wholly to be under conscious-waking control and direction. Jul 08, Adrian Colesberry rated it really liked it. Essence or Books with Master and Pupil theme always work for me. I’ll get to that someday, after I die, b Maybe it would have helped if I had at least once picked up a genuine bow and arrow I’m sure I had play ones as a kid This too, is where Archery finds it’s intersection with Zen – in the cultivation of a detached, egoless state; to think without thinking, to understand without understanding, to fire an arrow without firing it.

The underlying idea is the same but expressed in different ways.