October 1, 2020

An Exaltation of Larks has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Check out more of my reviews at s book was absolutely. An Exaltation of Larks or, The Venereal Game, by James Lipton. N.Y.: Grossman Publishers. Illustrated. pp. YOU CANT fight the media. James Lipton. This ultimate edition of An Exaltation of Larks is Mr. Lipton’s brilliant answer to the assault on language and literacy in the last decades of the twentieth century.

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A fun read, if sometimes a bit dry during Mr. I more than adored reading this book. Airplanes and helicopters, fill the sky. It evokes all emotions.

Some of my favorites: I found it disappointing, as it couples too many illustrations with too few words, but it is well-known and popular. I love the playful tone that the collective nouns have elicited through many, many generations. Oct 11, Bibi rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He relies overmuch on the OED as the ultimate authority on language usage, when the OED lraks often relying on the same terms Lipton uses in order to latks its definitions.

An Exaltation of Larks (Venery, #1) by Suanne Laqueur

When I do that with this storyline I can see how friendships and passions evolve and their interest change. The first part of the book reviews terms that show up in some very old manuscripts!! I didn’t want it to end. Over the years coincidence seems strong as Alex, Jav and Val come in and out of each other’s lives. Mar 05, robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: My parents had a copy of the first edition of An Exaltation of Larks. He arrives in America, and eventually finds a home with the Lark family whom he comes to love fiercely.


I bring these things up not as a warning, but as the primary reason this book was so phenomenal. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I had no idea that this game of venery was My parents had a copy of the first edition of An Exaltation of Larks.

It’s poetic and lyrical, visual and awakening, and deeply layered and compelling. It spanned across time with many characters in between. Laqueur was able to weave fact and fiction together so seamlessly. Furthermore, I did skim over many of the explanations as I was interested, but it’s nice to know the history of many of the terms are available to those that are fascinated by them.

James Lipton made a lifelong quest of venery; he’s researched, tabulated, invented, and invited others to invent, so here you’ll find lists from the Middle Ages as well as lists recent enough to give us a summons of meter maids, a sleaze of tabloids, a convulsion of belly dancers.

And a “leap of leopards”, a “parliament of owls”, an “ostentation of peacocks”, a “smack of jellyfish”, and a “murder of crows”! Javier realizes just how precious life can be. Truthfully, the way I took it, it’s not really about one couple or even separate couples. Learning is rarely this lovely. Unfortunately, I was unable to write them down and will have to re-acquire this book so as to do so.

Filled with beautiful highs and heartbreaking lows, it captivated me.

I had exaltstion idea how important terms for groups were throughout history. Going forward, they will face their pasts separately and together. I want the facts, Mr.

An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton | : Books

It has already been four days since he has seen his father. Maybe my fault for not reading the description better, or maybe the seller’s fault, but note that this book is really light on real collective And instead has a lot of collective nouns invented by the author. This is difficult to rate and review for a many reasons. You become part of the story, experiencing and feeling the magnitude of this epic journey. And as life moves on and Alex becomes a part of her family, they fight like siblings but with an added pull that is undeniable even as young children that only grows stronger as they age.


An absolutely interesting read. Years later the three are reunited when Jav comes to Guelisten, after being named the guardian of his orphaned nephew. James Lipton is the creator, executive producer, writer, and host of Inside the Actors Studiowhich is seen in eighty-nine million homes in America on the Bravo network, and in countries, and has received fourteen Emmy nominations.

I like his vulnerability but at times I also wish he was more assertive. For me the consistently best part of this edition are the illustrations.

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Looking forward to diving into the next in the series. This review has been posted on DirtyBooksObsession An Exaltation of Larks is a saga that follows the lives of three individuals that are connected by circumstances and bound by an unbreakable bond. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

This is a book that I exatation recommend enough and has been added to my all time favorites list. This is a big, gorgeous story that would make an amazing movie, but it is one heck of a book.