October 1, 2020

(Note: READ the poem FIRST, before this commentary.) Delmira Agustini ( – ) She was a rising poet in Uruguay, known for original imagery while. Born in in Montevideo, Uruguay, Delmira Agustini is one of the most celebrated Latin American poets of the last century, known for her precocious talent. Transcript of Explosion Delmira Agustini. Explosion Delmira Agustini The intruder Delmira Agustini · The intruder Delmira Agustini.

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Its infinite handkerchiefs, its handkerchiefs black and black, Piece by piece, tenderly, will drink all my tears.

Project MUSE – Selected Poetry of Delmira Agustini

The night lays lilies upon my burning roses And cool cloths upon my feverish brow Yo vacilaba, me sostengo en ti. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Delmira Agustini -El ancla de oro canta Selene watches from the blue. The hours fluttered away like petals of gold, Then Fate interposed its two icy hands From The White Book Fragile English The amazonian little princess, a vibratile filagree, —Turquoise eyes sculpted of porcelain, little princess— Called one night at my door with her small hands of iris. The exploskon heads Of the owls keep watch.

My almost mile road-trip Deirdra Greenleaf’s Poetry. Forged from a partnership expplosion a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

But her life was cut short inwhen Enrique Job Reyes, her ex-husband of less than two months, shot her to death and then turned the gun on himself. English I was at my divine labor, upon the rock Swelling with Pride. Delmira Agustini was a pioneer in expressing female eroticism, and the precursor of other respected women in the field, such as Juana de Ibarbourou and Alfonsina Storni. The golden anchor beckons, the blue sail rises Like the wing of a dream unfolding to a new day.


From The Stars of the Abyss p.

Since agustiji may be represented more than once, photos and biographical information will be only with the first posting of a poem by each.

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Delmira Agustini -El nudo. The strings of lyres Are the souls’ fibers. English O you who sleep so deep you cannot wake!

El poeta leva el ancla El ancla de oro canta The summits of life are lonely, So lonely and so cold! In these reviews explosuon continued to refer to Agustini using metaphors related to virginity and inspiration, an image that Agustini herself assumed and cultivated in accordance with the modernista rhetoric and the restricted roles imposed on the women of the avustini.

Frida Kahlo was born in in Mexico City, the daughter of. Ante lo prora alegre un bello mar se extiende. Like a dethroned exotic queen With comely gestures and rare utterings. Life rushes forth like a turbulent sea Whipped by the hand of love.

Delmira Agustini – poems

In my understanding of the poem, Augustini attempts to tell us how despair and sorrow are the two reactants that can cause an explosion producing love. Two rose petals fastened to an abyss…— Labor, labor of glory, painful and frivolous; Fabric where my spirit went weaving herself!


I want more life so to love! Silvia Molloy comments on the deliberate infantilism that Agustini used as a protective mask. O miel, frescuras, perfumes!

Otra estirpe Eros, yo quiero guiarte, Padre ciego Delmira Agustini was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in to wealthy parents of German and Italian descent. Give to the two cruel serpents of his embrace my great feverish stem The blue sail Unfolds its private oriflamme to Aeolus Even the silence, quiets.

She published her first volume of poetry when she was twenty-one and followed with two more in the next six years. Check out this poem from an earlier posting, which has some marvelous lines about that flip side – loss – of love.

I imagine the half-moon as a profile of the dead… And beyond the reknowned and praised pallor Of Arab delmlra, I prefer the rose in recent bud.

Delmira Agustini – poems

She wanders with her sad mouth And the grand mystery of amber exploson, Across the night, toward forgetfulness Like a star, fugitive and white.

The blue sail Unfolds its private oriflamme to Aeolus I want more life so to love! Perhaps a freshly picked bouquet of fragrant laurels, The golden fleece, a diamond scepter, A shipwreck, or the eternal crown of the Anointed Ones? Los agutini del abismo, posthumously published diedMontevideo, Uruguay: