October 4, 2020

“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers. So you’ve created a form with the Formstack. Watch how to manage form data and export or share it within the Formstack application. Formstack’s Advanced PDFs tool lets you personalize the look of your exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files with others.

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We are absolutely thrilled that you have had a great experience and have been able to utilize us for various teams across your organization. I used the FastForms version of this software. They have more sensitive information security which is good. Vendor Response formsrack Formstack on November 28, Thank you, Susanna for taking the time to leave Formstack a great review!

Very user-friendly and easy to create forms and surveys as you wish.

Formstack + WP All Export Pro Integrations

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. We’ve updated our product with lots of new add-ons, such as workflows https: The forms look nice also, the dashboard is simple and nice for review. Now we see a listing with each of our forms, but we don’t feel like we’re getting the value we used to get through this update. Great way to consolidate forms.


I’ve also used the Google-docs sync feature to communicate registrations to other people I work with across the state. We use Formstack every day and we love it!

They provide an API which makes it useful to make smaller applications that need to collect data more powerful and flexible. It can be difficult to apply the many features it offers. We are sorry to hear that you find the navigation cumbersome.

Migrating form data from FormStack

This is a comment, not an answer. Easy Custom Form Plug In. Formetack 8 years ago on Monday September 13, Permalink. Great tool and easy to use. Also, have approval settings is a great added bonus.

I’ve been happy with it. Please feel free to leave any product enhancement ideas you have on our ideas site at: I want to allow my visitor to see the PDF that is created when they fill out my Wufoo form, with the processing of WebMerge.

We are sorry to hear that there are a couple of areas that are more challenging. We used to see a screenshot of explrt picture stats and our average conversion rate. We hope this hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience for you. In addition to the ability to build powerful forms using conditional logic, the greatest strength of Formstack and probably most overlooked is how a small business can use the response features to automate tasks they are currently wasting time doing manually.


I’ve used Formastack for a few months and like it so far. They continued to insist that the issue was with Paypal.

I always explain it to say it is like Google Docs on Steroids. Sign up using Facebook. I trained myself on how to use forms. It can be integrated to many apps i already ecport. Formstack allows us to automate our workflows and collect data in an organized way.

Migrating form data from FormStack « Gravity Support Forums

This software is fantastic for basic form needs that require salesforce integration. Here is some information you might find helpful: The integration with third party services are great as ofrmstack as the custom notification emails sent to attendees of events based on how they fill out their form. Simple and effective survey tool. I’m developing a site with multipage forms that the client needs to complete.

I was given a warning and so I emailed back and after reading their info page re: