September 26, 2020

Father Arseny Priest, Prisoner, and Spiritual Father (E-book). It is one of the great mysteries of life that in atmospheres of the harshest cruelty. The stories of Father Arseny and his work in the Soviet prison camps have captured Father Arseny Priest, Prisoner, and Spiritual Father (E- book). This book has nothing as startling as the first volume of remembrances of Father Arseny (Father Arseny, Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father: Being the.

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It was compelling, convicting, and just The last time I read this was about 14 years ago.

Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses by Father Arseny

You would never betray anyone. May 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing.

Gives stirring glimpses of Fr Arseny’s life in a Soviet prison camp and tells the stories of whose lives booi transfigured through their connection with him. In spite of the fact that Father Arseny was among us and gave many of us a new life, we had changed. This book is a bit rambling and I made my way through the first half in fits and starts, but arsdny say it’s a slow read is to miss the point – it’s just a book you take at its pace rather than your own.

Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses

I loved it then; I loved it even more this time. The floor of the barrack-room ran red with blood,. Two days later, on his return from work, Avsenkov also approached Father Arseny.


He seemed to know the subject well and so was convincing. Dante Witt rated it really liked it Jun 19, It didn’t used to be that way. Oct 22, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published March 1st by St. Other books in the series. He faced opposition from the leadership who imprisoned him and from the political prisoners who were atheists.

I love Father Arseny and I loved those who loved him. Here he saw life in all its harsh reality. The interior of a ruined church in Russia. Father Arseny was a Russian Orthodox priest, caught up in the religious persecutions of Stalinist Russia. A prescribed way of thinking makes it difficult for a person to become a believer and makes it difficult for the believer to preserve his faith.

This is an excellent and moving journal of Bookk. This is not a perfect book but I don’t know how I couldn’t rate it five stars. Who could dispute the worthiness of such a person and the life lessons his Christian life displays? A pleasant read, but it has much less to do with Father Arseny himself, and more to do with his spiritual students.

Just look at the life which has now been created: The famous 15 th -century Lavra of the Holy Trinity at Zagorsk. The fathee Sazikov had by now softened, but only towards Father Arseny. I read it immediately after reading the first, and couldn’t get enough. I absolutely adore this book and everything about it. This book has nothing as startling as the first volume of remembrances of Father Arseny Father Arseny, But what could a criminal and a former Party member possible have in common? Just look at that!


Conditions were such that it became necessary to think only about how to survive, to overcome the obstacles which had been created.

He was relieved of work duties for five days.

Be the first to ask a question about Father Arseny, Arseny was an Orthodox Priest in the early to midth century who spent several years in a Communist Death Camp. Father Arseny spoke with his head held high, transformed and moved by his own words. Jennifer Jackson rated fathe it was amazing Jan 02, There is much in this translation which is uplifting, inspiring and commendable. Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father: The second half of the book talks about other spiritual areny who helped the faithful to maintain the Faith during the years after Stalin died, Very uplifting and encouraging tale of Fr.

Father Arseny was a bopk Saintly priest who spent 31 years in exile and special camps during the years of Statlin’s communist control over Russia. Father Arseny took no part in the disputes.

He went and stood in front of his bunk.