February 17, 2021

FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI. The Flexaret twin lens reflex cameras are a product of the Czechoslovakian company. Meopta (manufacturers of enlarging equipment) . The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 of the PDF manual (its the one that. I just got a Flexaret VI and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an english manual. I’ve seen one for the VII, are they similar?.

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This dual frame counter system is needed to shoot rolls flezaret 24 or 36 exposures. The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 of the PDF manual its the one that someone hand wrote the number 10 in the upper right corner of the page. There are 2 of them on this camera.

The lens is permanently set at infinity. The reason for this is because the Flexaret VII also supports 35mm film which allows for manua lot more exposures than film would. When the camera arrived, I was delighted to see that not only was there an old camera in the case, but it was definitely a Flexaret VII! Not only do I get an extra 4 exposures out of a roll, I prefer the aspect ratio of that over the 6 x 6. The viewfinder was dirty, and the ground glass had yellowed a bit, but it was still very usable.

This left counter has the numbers 0 through 4 on it.


Until then, this is still a very capable shooter that I look forward to shooting with again. I found a like new, complete, Flexkin adapter kit with case. Red window film counter 6X6 and 4,5X6 capabilities. It is a simple metal frame that merely slides into position. Byas a result of decreased need for military applications, Meopta strongly shifted their focus towards civilian products. At this point, you are ready to make your first exposure.

Meopta Flexaret VII Instructions For Use Manual

Do you have a picture of your baffle and one showing how to place it inside film compartment? From the collection http: Manuxl is very helpful. Compared to my Yashica-Mat in outdoor scenes, the difference is noticeable, but not a deal breaker. The VI model and its 35mm adapter.

Pdf Download | Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual (3 pages)

After making an exposure, it is advised not to advance the film to the next frame because this also cocks the shutter. It is very hard to get a grip on from outside of the camera, so to make it easier, if you open the film compartment, there is a little pin behind the lever that you can push out on that will allow you to grip it. When loading film into the camera, you must manually turn the left counter to 0, and the camera should automatically set the right frame counter to 1 indicating that you are ready for your first exposure.

Once you pull it out, it can be turned clockwise or counter clockwise, it does not matter. This line of cameras would be flexadet as fpexaret Flexette inwhich would be the basis for future Flexaret models. This same device switches 24×36 to 24×24 when using 35mm film. Although I find my Yashica-Mat ever so slightly easier to use, and the viewfinder in the Yashica is msnual and clean, I love the ability to shoot 6 x 4. I was placing this baffle upside down. The results speak for themselves, the Meopta lenses are outstanding.


The company made all kinds of optics related products such as condensers and lenses. If you want there to be stops, there is a little sliding lever on the left front side of the camera, right in front of the accessory shoe.

Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual – Download

I did a quick wipe down of the body and lenses to get the grime off it, but I noticed that there was a lot of debris trapped inside of the viewfinder beneath the ground glass. These are wonderful cameras that are made with the highest precision, and if taken care of throughout their life, continue to work well today.

In either case, I have 2 excellent TLRs to choose from which is a good problem to have! It includes all the masks for the waist level and sport finder, too.

When doing this, a 24 exposure roll will get you 32 shots, and a 36 exposure roll will get you