October 5, 2020

Throw out everything you think you know about history. Close the approved textbooks, turn off the corporate mass media, and whatever you do, don’t believe an. In this explosive new book, the legendary Jim Marrs, author of the underground bestseller Rule by Secrecy, reveals the frighteningly real possibility that today. JIM. MARRS. T H E S E C R E T SO C I E T I E S T H A T. T H R E A T EN T O TA K E O V ER AM ER .. balists began laying the foundation for a Fourth Reich.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Did they know there would be a crash? The author then follows through with how they have advanced over the last sixty years to continue their projects.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America by Jim Marrs

America is down for the count though resurrections are certainly possible. The Terror Conspiracy Revisited.

Btw, that is not anti-semitic. This wonderful tome by Jim Marrs hits with more than just supposition. Calling this merely a great book would be an understatement. By the way, Hitler did not die, nor did Martin Bormann and oh yes, Rockefeller and some of his friends are in on it too. This concept may seem absurd to those who cannot see past the rose-colored spin, hype, and disinformation poured out daily by the corporate mass media–most of which is owned by the very same families and corporations who supported the Nazis before World War II.

The Third Reich, arguably the most famous of the empires, occurred during Hitler’s reign This is the mother of conspiracy books. That is where you get to make the call. It’s still safe to say that after Andrew Jackson eliminated karrs federal debt and saved us from the Federal Reserve was the last mares we were truly a free nation.


I chose this book due to these words: The word Nazi came form National Socialism.

Instead of coming off as a crackpot, his writing is clear, backed with facts, and easy to read. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Not sure if I agree with everything Marrs had to say, but he did an amazing job in researching all of his claims. It was Rockefeller money that funded the degradation of the American education system. And I would like to thank Mr Marrs for writing a jkm that is now on my permanent collections of must reads. Mulder, it was Nazis. Marrs traces corporations that were run by or started by Nazis, follows the money, follows the ratlines and looks at the names that keep popping up in connection to the National Socialists and the governments in several countries, including the USA.

Want to Read saving…. Sep 06, Rafael Suleiman rated it really liked it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This book is very informative and would recommend this book to others. This one is really scary. So much to take in. It is as well rounded as it is incisive. Now, with the advance of electronics and fourty, biological warfare tech and mass survailance of the public exploiting the “Patriot Act” and other laws, violating the Constitution in the name of “National Security”, Americans are losing more and more of their privacy and rights.

Marrs believes that Hitler w If you want something to think about in the next month or so read this book.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies that Threaten to Take Over America

Rising nationalism, state corporatism, consolidation of the mass media to the point of propaganda, inordinate hysteria over national security accompanied by eroding liberties, rampant corruption, are just a few of the connections to be made.


However, many of those very high-ranking criminal Nazis were given positions of power within the establishment of the time via Project Paperclip; most notable of those is Dr. Nothing and no one escapes his pen. He not only names names but names those governments that had a hand in bringing them to this country.

Thank you for your feedback. Once on American soil, they could cooberate with Nazi sympathizers who had already attempted to overthrow FRD to bring about fascism in the U. Farben and their love for eugenics, the pervasive control of mainstream media, and a whole lot more. Why did they do such things?

I agree with him. One of Marrs’s most convincing aspects of this conspiracy theory is the trail of the same people tied to the government and national banking. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Books by Jim Marrs.

Oct 24, Linda Munro rated it really liked it. Jun 01, Mike Moskos rated it really liked it Shelves: Jim Marrs is the type of excellent researcher to write a book like this. Today, anyone who criticizes foreign policy, overseas military interventions, or even questions national policies opens themselves to charges of being unpatriotic.