October 14, 2020

Results 1 – 20 of 26 At , you will find our wide range of Nunchaku. Our selections are: Black Round B.B. Chuck With Laser Dragon. Nunchaku also known as nunchucks, chucks or chain sticks is a traditional Okinawan weapon and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short . If you’re not practising with real nunchucks at speed it’s because .. I think I need to suggest a mouth guard to all student of freestyle Nunchaku.

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You actually are an ignorant idiot who has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to this topic, because not a single point you’ve raised has anything substantial to actually back it up.

Many thanks to All. This reddit is for all Martial Arts related links and discussion whether you study Karate, Eskrima or any of the many other martial arts which exist in the world. December 11, Can you send your youtube facebook video link, pls!? Can’t argue with that. We would like to invite all nunchaku artist around the world, to come and nunchsku with us, by welcoming the year with an online nunchaku tournament aura.

Egg whites are all incredible for muscle boom by ktmnkchx.



December 29, We’re not talking about bad training here you fucking moron, we’re talking about a weapon that you can learn to use and understand it by actually training it, which you don’t do yet somehow believe you’re an expert that has a valid opinion of it, in reality you aren’t, you just can’t keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

You call it a shit weapon, you comment as though it is a fact, that makes you a liar. Ronald Reagan signing California’s bill into law. Uhh, are you mentally challenged?

The articles I’ve been finding, both from today and in when the broad bans on martial arts weapons came down across the US, suggest that the feeestyle thing was more of a moral panic than any actual rash of nunchuck related attacks. Freestyle Nunchaku You are here! When all of the videos are in, members of the forum can vote on who they think is better.

Freestyle Nunchaku | Nunchaku Tutorials

Honestly, I’m half expecting you to say that people going full tilt with real knives won’t ever get cut even if only in training The primary purpose of a weapon is to inflict damage on another personif you don’t believe me then Google the definition. You can go swing them for yourself. Here participants are ranked by number. December 31, Off Topic General non-nunchaku chit chat.


Freestyle nunchaku – Wikipedia

This is also a strawan. And when I practice it gets my awareness elevated for the rest of the day so it’s a valuable thing to me and the danger helps achieve it so I don’t want padded sticks. April 4, at 3: Why would I practice with a weapon I think is shity Because most people would rather believe a convenient lie than an inconvenient truth, do you know who said that?

The amount of stuff you misquoted or made up to mischaracterize my position pretty much demonstrates that. The harder you train the more danger you have with nunchaku.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Howard Lee shared a greestyle. You don’t see gangs running around with wiffle bats, do you? December 30, The nunchucks ban was added to the California penal code inat a moment when the United States was in the kung-fu grip of a martial arts craze.

At least that’s the plan. But I think I’ve hit myself everywhere else at least once. Minutes to stay logged in: