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Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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Hitler is not animal anymore, death came justly. A hurgenson interesting new phenomenon happened during this phase of development, mostly late in the evening, when friedrcih were sitting very quietly in front of the tape recorder during recording sessions and were cherishing the peace and quiet of the evening. After a little snack, we moved to the family room where we sat awhile and carried on our conversations. Only a few years later, as the connection continued by different means and a large part of the existing inhibitions and disturbances disappeared, our relationship started to become more open.

It was very hard for me to make out the words during her hurried whispering. Spring had come once again to Stockholm, that timid spring of a large city that can be detected at daybreak or by a jurgdnson darkening sky.

Nothing could dampen his industrial ness, not even the circumstance that his visual ability had deteriorated dramatically. On the last page of his book, you can see Boris practicing deep breathing exercises. When I finally mastered the practical side of the connection after many months of hard work and countless setbacks, there suddenly emerged another large obstacle that proved extremely difficult to overcome because of its subtle nature. It was a hard test of patience, and unnerving and highly strenuous work that I had planned to undertake.

Suddenly the choir of birds and the vibrating noise stopped. Inwe even managed to emigrate and settle legally in Estonia. Some parapsychologists who do not conduct experiments of their own will explain the origins of the voices by saying that the experimenter is producing them subconsciously.

When he saw the turning tape he nodded, half amused, half skeptically and said with a smile: Death is not what most people hold it to be.


Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson

I heard the following surprising speech metamorphosis: All the singers had until now preferred to remain anonymous. Bjorkhem, who answered in his calm fashion. The deeper I gained an insight into this unknown sphere of existence, the clearer I saw the processes in our own world. The disturbances had increased in strength, I was only able to perceive a few bits of inaudible words and then the transmission broke off.

This th ended our experiment on the evening of December The deafening signals speak for themselves, as do the voices of the unknown entities. Connect to Spotify Jurgenso. In these cases, their voices could be heard just as clearly and distinctly as could the voices of the normal radio announcers, even though they were not always as loud as the latter.

When this noise is filteredit can be made to produce noises which sound like speech. My happiness and satisfaction over the received message made me forget all about the speech metamorphosis. He did not just receive them for himself, but because the time was right, he was to pass them on. Here he predicted that soon we will be able to recieve messages through the TV friedricb well.

Later I joined with other colleagues who because of the book got involved the same way as I did and who were also conducting their research alone. What seemed like technical problems, had nothing to do with the comments by the unknown speaker that could be clearly discerned at many spots on the tape.

I sensed that soon something was going to happen. Being concerned that my frierrich was once again malfunctioning, I spoke my concerns out loud. And besides that I obtained unique evidence and experience that cannot be denied by any discussion, that I was dealing with real personalities with each of these voices. Because, I still could not be sure that my invisible friends were willing to cooperate or not.

Every reader feels a total involvement when he friedfich she grasps the authenticity of the argumentation. My telephone conversation downstairs in the house was inaudible. Skeptics such as David FederleinChris FrenchTerence Hines and Michael Shermer say that EVP are usually recorded by raising the ” noise floor ” — the electrical noise created by all electrical devices — in order to create white noise. For the most part he drove nights; during the day he practiced the painting of billboards and other advertisements and eagerly studied yoga and friedruch.

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No doubt, most of us were feeling ill at ease. Natural explanations for reported instances of EVP tend to dispute this assumption explicitly and provide explanations which do not require novel mechanisms that are not based on recognized scientific phenomena.

At the same time the vibrating roaring hissing sound started again and the transmission continued without me being able to understand anything accurately. It started with a strange sound jurgensno being audible around me during the course of the day.

Full text of “Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson”

I had the feeling of being outside of time. The next day I fdiedrich a set of headphones and a Polish dictionary. The facts do not change, when we learn that some of them were suffering from progressive mental paralysis softening of the brain.

It is jurgehson as an entertaining pursuit, as in ghost huntingand as a means of dealing with grief. Carino was sitting on my chair happily, waging his short tail. I was able to attend many courses at schools, where I lectured participants how to record the tape voices.

The family had moved to Odessa from Estonia, and the father was a physician. However, there is no indication that Edison ever designed or constructed a device for such a purpose. I had lost all contact with him since the beginning of World War Two.

Don’t want to see ads? During the course of that winter many small groups of interested listeners gathered now and then, and among them were Dr.