October 3, 2020

INTRODUCTION: FRIEDRICH KITTLER’S LIGHT SHOWS John Durham Peters Optical Media may be Friedrich Kittler’s best book for the uniniti- ated. It is breezy . Optical Media provides an accessible introduction to the media theory of Kittler’s middle period as it applies primarĀ¬ ily to the optical realm. (Kittler’s chief interest. Optical Media by Friedrich A. Kittler, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I will only point out here that it goes without saying that women were once more the subjects of such experiments, but since this is a media history and not a love story, I prefer to steer clear of my suspicions concerning the purpose of the whole episode. Television was and is not a desire of so-called humans, but rather it is largely a fridrich byproduct of military electronics.

Optical Media

This was precisely true of the Baptistry during the morning. After attempting to separate this lecture from sociological and other approaches, what remains are the problems presented by the history of technology itself.

Zenobius as far as the Canto alia Paglia and all that could be seen beyond it on the other. The central question, however, is the impact of film on the ancient monopoly of writing, as it not only provoked new forms of competition for novelists but also fundamentally altered the status of books.

The central question, however, is the impact of film on the ancient monopoly of writing, as it not only provoked new forms of competition for novelists but also fundamentally altered the status of books. In the end, what I like best about Kittler is his sheer love of intelligence and his commitment to delirious delight as a path to higher wisdom. At first, these lectures will look at European painting since the Renaissance in a traditional or aesthetic way, in order to discern the principles according to which modern visual perception was organized.

For this reason, the icons of the Byzantine Empire – the prime example of the nexus between art and worship according to Hans Belting Belting, – principally showed God in front of a gold background that truly implemented his radiance.

But through this analogy the eye itself became operationaliz- able, which means, as always, replaceable. The eye itself thus functioned like a spotlight, whose beams encountered or edited the visible world and then registered this information in the mind.


It assumes a minimal general knowledge of German literature and culture, the field in which Kittler began as a young renegade scholar in the s, and it asks the reader to follow some ambitiously bold or bald claims.

Light Optical Media begins by praising the sun – a basic and brilliant fact before us that none of us directly see – courtesy of Dante and Leonardo. These stations were earlier painted in spatial and temporal succession in churches or along the Way of the Cross, such as St.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. His family fled with him to West Germany inwhere from to he went to a natural sciences and modern languages Gymnasium in Lahr in the Black Forestand thereafter, untilhe studied German studiesRomance philology and philosophy at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Let us read what Loyola and his pupils did in the fifth exercise. To feel in imagination the heat of the flames that play on and burn the [damned] souls.

Friedrich Kittler

Through painting itself he also produced things that were entirely incredible and unbelievable to spectators, which could be seen through a small opening in a small box. Writing should be understood in the expanded sense of inscription – a notion Kittler got equally from the French obsession with the practice of ecriture as from computer lingo about writable and readable storage.

This faith happily adopted the Greek Catholic concept of visual rays, which make the world visible to begin with. In the final section, Kittler examines the development of electrical telecommunications and electronic image processing from television to computer simulations.

Optical Media – Friedrich Kittler – Google Books

For instead of maintaining a sole focus on reliefs or art more generally, as his medieval predecessors did, Brunelleschi went on to study mathematics and architecture. All that remained for Socrates and his enthusiastic interlocutors enthusiastic because they felt flattered was to explain what the soul itself was. The set topic read: Romantic reading is a kind of proto-film viewing, a lonely egotistical position within a simulating apparatus, not unlike the position of the fighter pilot or the video game player.

Optics is a subfield of physics; vision is a subfield of physiology, psychology, and culture. Communication systems that employ such mathematically and technically verifiable signals are called discrete or – following the model of the finger of a optica – digital. Dying in a hospital in Berlin and sustained only by medical instruments, kitrler final words were “Alle Apparate ausschalten”, which translates as “switch off all apparatuses”.


One, strictly according to Shannon, on the side of the sender, the other, again strictly according to Shannon, on the side of the receiver. Why was the image obviously painted in reverse, such that only the use of a mirror would make it visually coincide with the reality of the Baptistry? After examining this history, Kittler then addresses the ways in which images were first stored and made to move through the development of photography and film.

As Descartes makes very clear, in the cogito the difference between day and night, waking and dreaming, reality and hallucination does not count. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In a second step, French psychoanalyst frieerich structuralist Jacques Lacan then based an entire terminology on the experiment, which has since also made careers among film scholars, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries.

There is every reason to believe, namely, that the educational program they outlined will be implemented throughout at least half of the world. Media are data- processors: When we stand in a beautiful landscape surrounded by loveliness, Stirred by creation, more attentive opticzl ever before, To observe and actually appreciate its adornments, To feel reasonable desires once more; so we find that our eyes Almost blinded and made clumsy by force of habit Are not properly suited to see the fine patterns, the colors, the harmony and splendour, In which they are too scattered.

Dato must have answered – no one knows for sure – that in spite of all the Gutenbergs of this ootical, cryptanalytic encoding, his own profession, unfortunately is and remains a lengthy process. Why was his image so unusually small approximately 27 centimeters square? Romantic poetry is the last gasp of the monopoly of writing before its nineteenth-century meltdown into audiovisual media.