March 19, 2021

Summary: A full five stars and then some for this little book with a big heart and even bigger belly laugh. Fup is a fairy tale for grown ups and. Fup [jim-dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to find. Fup [Jim Dodge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Start with Granddaddy Jake Santee, a cantankerous, ninety-nine-year-old coot with a.

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Sometimes, it feels as though Lockjaw is his nemesis. Two months before Gabriel came to term, the same wing tore off the plane at miles an hour over the mojave desert with Johnny at the controls. This certainly sounds like one of the most inviting of your recommended books – short, sweet extracts and all this mysterious stuff at the end.

Fup – a modern fable by Jim Dodge

It’s not particularly compelling until the oversized duck Fup turns up, and at short pages, it reads like a whimsical McSweeney’s story. Jjm really struggled with the ‘Fup Duck’ thing. Amazon Second Doge Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Or, as another reviewer suggested, perhaps the author was yanking our chain Share your thoughts with other customers. Wisdom, it seems to me, entails not only knowing what and why, but, just as important, when and how to move understanding into action. Hell, Glennyou could read the whole book over a couple of cups of coffee. It is a very short book, but exquisitly written. It follows the life of Jake and his grandson Tiny as they live life on their farm, with the aid of their notoriously brewed liquor.

Here’s how things progressed: In came Stone Junction, which Thomas Pynchon described as “an outlaw epic for our own late era of corrupted romance and defective honour”. I went away alone to find my name in a vision.

Fup by Jim Dodge – book review

Tiny’s life was really only marked by one event prior to his making the acquaintance of his grandfather and that was the death of his mother. Tiny, fortunately, was as amiable as his Granddaddy was ornery, as placid and benign as the old man was fierce and belligerent. And then fup, a fkp looking to be adopted, comes into their lives:.


I like being away from neighbours. The humour is what I liked best about this novella.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. As a child I loved Mark Twain’s short stories.

Tiny takes the bird home, where it is revived by Granddaddy and a drop or two of Ol’ Death Whisper. It’s in the final chapter actually there are only four that Lockjaw comes into his own. The animals and the land reverberate with significance, and the wild pig – nicknamed Lockjaw – becomes the enemy of the big-hearted Tiny, a kind of porcine white whale. No wonder he stays put! And one of the best of its kind I ever read.

Oh, go on then, have just one more little bit:. He had also fitted in a few years as as a professional gambler. The reason I veer towards the apologue is because a fable usually leaves you with its moral as a punch line whereas an apologue, according to Dodgw, is “a pleasant vehicle for a moral doctrine or to convey a useful dode without stating it explicitly.

Is it because Fup actually likes Lockjaw and isn’t his enemy after all. It takes a delicate touch to cover a century’s worth of living in pages which Dodge does.

I’ll just leave you with a quote from the book: Their lives are dominated by games of checkers and the fencing of land, punctuated by a long-running feud with a great big boar who takes personal exception to being fenced in or out of anywhere.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It’s interesting to wonder on them and do some speculation, but the main thing is you have to accept it — take it for what it is, and get on with your getting.

A full five stars and then some for this little book with a big heart and even bigger belly laugh. Refresh and try again.


The magician of ducks and outlaws

Granddaddy favored games with hole cards, where your strength was in your secrets and you flew into the eye of chaos riding your ghost. I can say that I certainly read the remaining pages more than once and with much more care than I read the preceding pages and I was certainly motivated to go back to the start to see if there were any clues that I had missed.

During these hunts he’s now accompanied by his faithful pig-duck seeing that he no longer has his faithful pig-dog. His wife has known him for more than 30 years, and she doesn’t expect anything that straightforward. She’s also sharp, touchy and temperamental, just like Jake, and is not afraid to make her feelings of disapproval clear by a judicious peck or two.

Granddaddy Jake is really funny and so is Fup the main character. Fup by Jim Dodge.

Why gets Fup in the way when Tiny shoots Lockjaw? Kenyeah, about that ending, you have no idea how much I wanted to lay it all out and say, “Can someone out there please explain what the heck just happened?

Seems to have everything you need in the moment and yet unforgettable. Looking back you actually can see a bit of the foreshadowing but I never saw it when I was doing my first read and that’s all that’s important. Decent price for the condition of the book. J im Dodge might have been just another West Coast oddball if it hadn’t started to rain while he was building a fence at his home in northern California. The edition I read also included some creative drawings which collaborated nicely!