October 10, 2021

imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · sex or gender · female. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · German Wikipedia · country of. Galina Shatalova [1][2][3] was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health. This article provides thoughts from the book doctor, naturopath Galina Shatalova “Healing food”. A spoiled stomach — the father of mourning. The weakest link.

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Galina Shatalova – Wikidata

Ran, for example, hundred-meter race – and spent some amount of calories. What is Galina Shatalova’s official website? Was Galina Shatalova hot or not?

And by all this I am deeply intrigued as the physicist. The most vivid tattoos from movies 17 photos. By the way, during these reactions as a by-product, so-called “free radicals” arise in which the atom of oxygen obtains the electron with superfluous and therefore destructive energy for cells.

And only the calculations based on the quantum theory of vacuum, had yielded the results which are in quantitative accordance with the results of experiment. Some got the diet of meat, the others were kept on vegan foods solely.

A growing tumor was revealed In the abdominal cavity, and surgical intervention should not be delayed, but asthmatic bronchitis, severe drug allergy, and almost incessant cold conditions obstructed abdominal surgery.

The balina experiment also took place in April’s marathon in honor of the Cosmonaut Day, this time the distance was kilometers.


As a result of natural bio-information properties of the starting materials are destroyed completely, and food process loses the character of the intimacy of communion with nature and becomes, in fact, a simple operation for the introduction of unnatural high amount of energy and substances in the human body.

I had possibility to communicate with krishnaits which consume even less: Did Galina Shatalova smoke cigarettes or weed? Our marathon runners, shafalova have passed on the daily regime of low-calorie food, have begun a joke of calling themselves “dystrophics”.

The scientific medicine affirms: Maintaining a strong body through physical training, 2. We forgot about the beautiful Russian cereals, Russian soup, medicinal Russian oat falina, pickled apples, honey shayalova hell kvass, forget the bread on the hop yeast.

The distance of kilometer road race was planned to cover by the men within seven days. Thus, vacuum energy exists, — this is not only shatlova any more, but the experimental fact. For example, in New Zealand, there is a habit to take food seven times a day, consumed with the fantastic amount of meat, eggs, sausages, sandwiches, and other. Artificial person consumes five times more food than a reasonable person. All in all, runners got 28 grams protein, 25 grams fat, grams of carbohydrates, which in total amounted to calories a day.

We don’t know for a fact whether Galina Shatalova was gay, bisexual or straight.

In accordance with the tables developed by the Institute of nutrition in Moscow, they had to consume to calories. In the experiment both had to find a way out of the maze.

Caption Galina ShatalovaSoviet-Russian physician, jogging in the morning.

Dr Galina Shatalova creator of a new health promotion system having dinner

They are deposited in the walls of blood vessels in the intercellular spaces, and finally, in the cell, disrupting metabolic processes. Is it possible, for example, to consider a predator shatapova smarter than a monkey?


Even 15 years ago, 30 percent of U. However, transforming the world around him, does the man remember that his actions should commeasure with the general objective and principle of the unity of the material world?

Records of the Commission testified that less physically trained athletes of the experimental group were more enduring and did not lose weight as opposed to a control group of athletes that were engaged in the same physical activities and sports indices figures of running, but consuming five times more high-calorie food!

Candidate of Medicine Dr Galina Shatalova jogging in the morning

However, for the Protocol among them has selected four athletes who in terms of training and physical abilities roughly corresponded to the members of my experimental group. Gradually, her medical history was swelling with the records of internists, gynecologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, dermatologists and other physicians.

It is the result of transition to prescribed to us by nature, lifestyle and nutrition. That is considered to be “calorification. I believe, that psychic energy, as well as the psychic matter really exists, but is a thing rather thin, and its action is not direct, but has only regulative, ehatalova effect.