October 6, 2021

: Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 3) ( ): Garth Nix: Books. Drowned Wednesday is the third book in Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom series, however it leaves a feeling that something is lacking. The description is still. Drowned Wednesday is book 3 in The Keys to The Kingdom Series by award- winning author Garth Nix, author of young adult fantasy novels.

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Nix exhibited a lot of creativity with book, and I appreciate that.

But to the surprise of the magical wedbesday known as the Morrow Days, he not only survived, he also managed to wrest control from Mister Monday and Grim Tuesday. All the components that made the previous books good are still there, however they don’t seem to gel together the same, leaving the book feeling like a series of garrh scenes held together with padding.

When the Medallion given him by the immortal called the Mariner apparently fails to summon help, Arthur is without hope.

Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix

Once again, though, I have a problem with Leaf. Grim Tuesday The Keys to the Kingdom: Of course, she doesn’t want to be a fish but even with the third key, she just cannot control her appetite or her human shape and hence eats entire ships, schools of fish, denizens peopleetc without intent.

Drowned Wednesday is one of the only days farth tries to help Arthur and was willing to relinquish her Title, but was forced by the Council of Days to continue her duties. It’s Wednesday morning and Leaf is visiting her friend Arthur, who is in a hospital bed, after damaging his leg during his adventures in Tuesday’s treasure tower. And not only does Arthur need to get to Drowned Wednesday, and find the third part of the Will, he also has to find and save Leaf, who was picked up varth the ship meant for him, as he was left behind.


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I liked seeing Leaf in this a bit more, but I think she got more than she bargained for. Like the salvagers in the book who picked up flotsam and jetsam from the Border Sea, Nix has raided the rich froth of many classic works and blended together the finest story in this series so far.

There he sank lower into the morass of the publishing industry, steadily devolving from sales rep through publicist until in he became a senior editor with a major multinational publisher. My favourite in the series so far, I think, and definitely a step above the second one.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 28mm But i’m not sure. Suddenly, the hospital room becomes flooded with water as the two are transported to the Border Sea of the House. Mister Monday The Keys to the Kingdom: The book introduces a few key characters like Dr Scamandros, and more of insight into the mind of other side characters.

Lady Wednesday invited Arthur Penhaligan to lunch yeah that’s what I thought was going to happen too and pleads with him to help her. From Drowned Wednesday alone, we get to see a little of Garth Nix’s supposed humour. Drowned Wednesday has sent a ship to pluck him from the safety of his bed, miles from any ocean, and sail him back to the House. Garth Nix has worked as a literary agent, marketing consultant, book editor, book publicist, book sales representative, bookseller, and as a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve.

This is a really good movie. Drowned Wednesday is the first Trustee among the Morrow Days who is on Arthur’s side and wishes the Will to be fulfilled. But, is Wednesday all she says she is, and will she keep her promise and freely hand the Key over to Arthur, and what has happened to his friend Suzy? Arthur is then taken by Wednesday’s Dawn to a place called the triangle in search of his friend Leaf.


There’s also a glancing nod to The Silver Chair in the thought that perhaps Arthur is not actually invited to a feast, so much as to be the feast. I’m fairly sure that I would have read it all in one sitting if not for the necessities of life.

I think their whole operation sounds adorable. If you like sea movie, this book is the one for you. At least he’s willing to learn, though. He is rescued and soon finds out that unlike Monday and Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday is herself a tortured soul, and the first of the Morrow Days to wishes to follow the Will, and allow Arthur to become Rightful Ruler of the House.

I don’t see why she was included here, but I really wish that she’d get a better part in the next few books. Since getting the keys and The Will is Arthur’s ultimate goal anyway, he agrees and thus starts his latest adventure into the House. They are halted in their attempt to escape by Feverfew, who proposes that each of them will try to kill the other by means of one strike only.

Ned from Australia This book may be the best book in the series. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Drowned Wednesday : Garth Nix :

Where are Leaf and Suzy? Drowned Wednesday Garth Nix. In parts of the book the story appears to drowbed slightly and feels almost drawn out in sections.