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gnugk [-hdrt] [-c filename] [-s section] [-l n] [-b n] [-u name] [-d name] [-rr] [-o filename] [–pid filename] [–core A detailed explanation can be found in the manual. /etc/default/gnugk /etc/ /etc/init.d/gnugk /usr/sbin/addpasswd /usr/ sbin/gnugk /usr/share/doc-base/gnugk-manual /usr/share/doc/gnugk/changelog. Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) is a C++ multi-platform, multi-protocol OpenH This project has been superseded by OpalVoip Rocket.

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Gnufk MessageType; Request for an external application to route an incoming call on a virtual queue. This is the default output level.

Example to hide Tandberg’s neighbor check and traversal zone keepalive messages: Ongoing calls remain active, endpoints that are in a call remain registered. PrintCurrentCallsc ,!

To the best of our knowledge, the GNU Gatekeeper Project has a valid license for all its releases, but users making derived versions of this code must ensure that they have a valid license before enabling those features. It is a communications standard gnuggk audio, video, and data over the Internet.

These trace levels only apply to what is shown on the status port. You can add an optional parameter to reload only a part of your configuration: A priority can be given to each prefix for each gateway using: Reloading the configuration will not terminate existing calls, and any change to settings will only take effect on new calls.

MakeCall] for configuration options. Keep in mind that this is just an example to show the usage of the status port. Show the statistics information of the gatekeeper. DisconnectSession Disconnect a user from the status port. The gatekeeper will send out messages about ongoing calls to all connected clients and it can receive commands via this interface. The messages sent by the gatekeeper to the status port are grouped into three output trace levels: This option defines how to handle a registration request RRQ from an IP address which does not match what we have stored.

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Mqnual you don’t specify a call signal port, Manial will unregister the first endpoint it finds on the IP number Format: Findf Find a registered endpoint by an alias or a prefix.

H SQL Presence system: You can also download executables for a number of operating systems from the download page.

Endpoints in all other networks will use the globally defined alternate gatekeeper. Show all current calls using the same ACF syntax as in call establishment. General user questions should be sent to the mailing list. This switch can be used to extend the gngk the caller will wait for an answer.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 13

Only used for debug purpose. Otherwise a status port application won’t know if a Setup message has been sent but that the call is not yet established. If you do so, the callID parameter must be present. Gather information from a specific authentication module if it provides such information and displays it on the status port.

If that’s not what you want, you must interface to the gatekeeper through the status port and communicate with it via TCP. According to the H. This allows the assigning of a gatekeeper based upon the HID or the apparent source IP mabual of the registering endpoint. Route this call on a virtual queue to the specified alias and set the destinationSignalAddress.

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You can find the list archive here. This switch is logically incompatible with round-robin. This GUI works with Java 1.

Yell Config reload in 5 minutes. In this example, Suppose you are just interested in the CDRs call detail records and want to process them as a batch at regular intervals. Make sure that the ‘vqueue’ and ‘explicit’ policy is gnukg effect for these calls. Filtering control is performed using the following set of commands: To disable this feature and unregister endpoints immediately after TimeToLive timeoutset this variable to 0.

Show details of all current calls. Please join the mailing list before posting. The default is not to use it. Find a registered endpoint by an alias or a prefix. A right-click on a button gives you a pop up menu for that endpoint. Beware that you can’t set values containing spaces using this command!

GNU Gatekeeper – Manual Chapter 1

You can optionally also set the numeric H. PrintCallInfo ddc-be MaintenanceMode Enable or disable maintenance mode. The settings in this section may be updated by reloading the configuration while the gatekeeper is running. Application Areas What you do with the powers of the Status Interface is up to manyal, but here are a few ideas: