October 3, 2020

This is the first installment in the “12 Weeks at Greyskull” series of eBooks which will follow a hypothetical trainee through twelve grueling weeks of programming. “You only have to have your head under water for ten minutes once in your life and it’s all over; or you can have your head under water for thirty. like the GLADIATOR for those who are going for going for mass and size thread and you do greyskul lp, join us on #greyskull.

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After he stalls atJohnny decides he likes using the variants for now and chooses to use close grip bench for this run.

Greyskull LP – Variants : Fitness

Moderators have the final word 7. New here but not new to lifting, been reading some of the posts and I think I finall found some like minded wanting to be strong not skinny people.

For example working weight on Bench 45×10 95×5 x5 for 2 sets x5 x3 first working set-5 reps second working set-5 reps Third set- 8 reps. This was not covered in the book and is something Johnny has talked about in Forum post breyskull we have discussed on phone calls and through email. So definitely check that out if you want to go to a 6 day a week program.

This allows the user to not feel so beat up and continue to progress. I just condensed it to fit the Greyskull layout.

I am not going to go further into detail on this, read the book if you want to know why he uses it, just realize it works for its intended purpose. No bots or novelty accounts 8. For those of ggeyskull who are uneducated, the Greyskull LP is a linear progression that differs from other LPs; it reduces the squatting frequency a significant change in itselfchanges exercise order, and adds in various greyksull like going for max reps on the last set of each exercise.


As stated in the book, these are templates and are not “one-size fits all” plans.

Getting away from purely a beginner’s program, you can also rotate the 4 main lifts with alternates each week:. Like I said above, you have to think and make the program work for your goals, not the goals of the ggeyskull.

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Why isnt everyone here doing “Greyskull LP” ? – Forums

Many are familiar with Phrak’s variant but have not read the original Greyskull LP book. GS LP is the shit, been following it and so glad I bought the e-book. Once a certain volume is reached for pushups and chins we will move to the harder variant.

Thanks for the help. This is of course due to the fact that you can do more reps with lighter weights than heavier weights and as shown above, lbs is no longer crazy heavy for JOE BLOW after his reset. All of the main lifts with the exception of deadlifts are performed for a total of three true working sets. Having just started a few trial runs trying to get the form right, and calculate what weights ill start the program with of the All Pro workout, and loving it, I’m wondering why everyone isnt doing All Pro.

Here are some accessories from the book not all inclusive:. Bottom line is you should choose plug ins based on your goals. There is nothing wrong with having confidence, but we can all improve in some way and you need to figure out where it is you need or want to improve and address this when choosing a variant.

But these two appear to offer both. No matter how grueling a bench or press session is, it will not come close to taxing the CNS or causing fatigue like the deadlift or squat do. This is common amongst all LP programs.


Not only are we looking for muscle adaptation we are also looking for adaptation from our soft tissue ligaments and joints and from our CNS.

Daunte Trudal trains some of the most advanced bodybuilders in the world, including Dave Henry and many of his trainees are walking around with lbs or more of actual muscle mass. The second easy way is we train for 9 straight weeks blasting as hard as we can along the way and we set all kinds of personal records.

Seems like now a days everyone is of the belief that you can no train to get bigger and stronger while also shedding body fat. The point of Linear Progression is to add small amounts of weights to the bar each session. He discusses ways to improve pull-ups and push-ups via the frequency and ladder methods.

The Greyskull LP

With that being said, the number one high intensity tool in our arsenal is still going to be the burpee challenge villain challenge 1.

Since so many seemed overwhelmed with gladistor Greyskull Book I figured Ggreyskull would right a primer covering the basics of how and why to use the Greyskull LP and who would benefit. I highly recommend getting the book.

Again the above is not set in stone, feel free to cut the progression down on one, some or all of the lifts. Getting back into no pun intended. It allows you to shoot for rep records on the way back up.

So our training max for bench is lbs. Want to add to the discussion? Rippetoe is often forgotten now a days but he’s good! Hit for a squat single, feels great man.