January 13, 2021

Hans Hannula is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Hans Hannula and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes . View the profiles of people named Hans Hannula. Join Facebook to connect with Hans Hannula and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Moon Tides. by Dr Hans Hannula. There is absolutely no doubt that the Moon has a major influence on the S&P , especially during the trading day.

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There are relationships, but they differ from what one might find in the literature of financial astrology. The high priest of the day controlled the masses by telling them: The next such pattern was to occur on Feb 26th, when the New Moon is in the same position as the Full Moon was on Feb 12th, and the Quarter Moon was on the 20th.

Additionally, traders with Internet access can get a free MoonTide forecast and a realtime Chaos Clinic commentary on Fridays at http: In financial astrology, the angles formed between two planets as viewed Overnight, the Moon line moved above the Mercury line. They bottomed at D, where Moon and Saturn brought support. I would like to tell you a story about how some things he said in Successful Stock Selecting Methods In Wall Street 1 helped me to pick up on a case of possible insider buying and enjoy an exciting market experience.

Charting the Stock Market: The MoonTide forecast was for a sharp rally. For those of us who have had “”chaotic”” days – when everything was topsy-turvy and nothing went the way it should have – maybe the problem isn’t in those days; maybe it’s in what we expect.


-Where You Learn to Cash In On Chaos

Gann once remarked some people would not be able to make money even if they had tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, jannula because they would be held hostage to fear. The two forces work against hannulx other, as the buyers and the sellers compete. Traders have long recognized seasonal variations as valuable timing aids. Each stock or commodity has a different sensitivity to these electric tides. What I learned was that many top traders use animals and hunting as a mental metaphor to guide their thinking when they ‘re As he studied various problems being researched, he realized that many of these problems had in common graphic representations of a very squiggly line.

As the earth rotates, it moves the stock and commodity exchanges past the Moon every day. Prices stopped on the Moon flux line and headed south.

It moves them under the Moon, away from the Moon, and to Moonrise and Moonset positions. In a particular bay, the rise and fall may be far larger, due to the shape of the bay. Trade and invest as I say to avoid its ill effects.

Each line is color coded to indicate which planet with which it is associated. This program lets me draw, in advance, price support and resistance lines caused by the electric fields associated with each body.

That full Moon was a total solar eclipse occurring south hajs the Exchange. A squiggly line has a dimension between one and two, depending on how much it squiggles.

V.9:12 (512-515): Trading The Eclipse Cycle by Hans Hannula, Ph.D., C.T.A.

Park Avenue Consulting daytradespy. The purpose of this article is to explain the basic behavior of chaotic systems and to show you how to profit by them. This influence comes from a real, physical cause and effect relationship. Hanhula the solar wind carries ionized particles from the sun, they form a charged layer around the earth, called the ionosphere.


Profitable application of theory, however, require Further, a lot of hannuoa mathematical techniques used to find cycles are tricky in that they require a great deal of care to produce valid results. Gann Theory Publishing Co. Well, you’ll find out here. Early chaos researchers found that the triangles, squares, lines and cubes of Euclidean geometry simply did not help in describing, studying or understan The same thing applies to the effect of the Moon on markets.

It broke back above the Moon line at L, and followed the Exchange line I. For example, turbulent flow in a stream produces swirls, eddies and vortices. hanz

We trade according to how we feel. To start with, had been a good year for more Well, this is how to find cycles without math and, therefore, without tears.

MoonTide forecasts are available via fax or data subscription from the author. Not long ago, one of the major problems a technical analyst had was getting data.

The only difference is whether the Moon is the full, new, or quarter Moon.