November 6, 2020

The Carpetbaggers [Harold Robbins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the bestselling popular novelist of all time, Harold Robbins has. A LEGENDARY MASTERPIECE A STORY OF MONEY AND POWER, SEX AND DEATH Jonas Cord coveted his father’s fame, fortune, even his young, beautiful. Realistic, sexy, brutally honest – this notorious international bestseller was a publishing phenomenon, became a popular classic, and is now a Great Read.

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I disagree with the reviewers who opined that this novel is sexist trash. Our Books See all Books. Robbins hits all the tropes of a big fat trashy page turner. I read this book because I loved ‘The Adventurers’ This book was very risque for a young teenage boy, I kept it hidden from my mother as it felt embarrassing that I was reading such a sexually graphic novel, honestly in the 60’s this was as close to pornography as you could get in a work of fiction, these days I suppose its tame in that respect.

He has worked as a playwright carpetbaggerx director and co-founded the award-winning Rough Magic Theatre Company, harolr he was artistic director and writer-in-residence. I would sneak down and grab one and then read it under the carpeetbaggers upstairs with flashlight in hand.

The plot is very dramatic to say the least but dramatic in a dated way where they sort of hint around all the scandal. She consumed her lovers on the fiery rack of her burning desires.



I had seen the movie versions, and Nevada Smith, one of harlld characters from the book. That is why this book sold millions of copies. If this is as some believe a roman a clef about Howard Hughes, then it was modeled on a person who was larger than life.

A another great robbnis from the Robbins catalog. Te reader is left with the hint that Jonas Cord, at the time he has lost most of the energy and desire that has allowed him to run roughshod over every other character in the story, is suddenly granted some small measure of redemption.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Diana is known for her work with angels, unicorns, ascension, Atlantis, Orbs and A Stone for Danny Fisher. And HR cranks up the ludicrously lurid to 11 on the amp: Rina and Jonas took Hollywood, the airplane industry, America itself by storm.

In other novels this would be extremely confusing but somehow here its merely annoying. The World According to Anna. By the way, I didn’t like this book at all — it seemed forced, but that is my memory as a child reading – perhaps I should read this again!

The Carpetbaggers

Most of the main female characters are, after all, motion picture romantic leads, one of whom rises into stardom from the sordid origins of being an actual prostitute. The Outlaw and Hell’s Angels. For more information about Fay and her work, visit her website: Realistic, narold, brutally honest – this notorious international bestseller was a publishing phenomenon, became a popular classic, and is now a Great Read.


Of all the novels I read, The Carpetbaggers was probably my favorite. Cord became a pilot, harpld aircraft, got into the movie business, designed a bra for the leading lady.

Jonas tried to make Jennie like Rina because he couldnt let her go. It is true that female characters in this book use their female sexual powers to manipulate males rather than say, discovering a cure for cancer.

Cord believed his step mother, Rina harpld his father for his money.

The Carpetbaggers – Harold Robbins – Google Books

The novel is a roman-a-clef of old Hollywood featuring movie star Rina Marlow, and cowboy turned movie star, Nevada Smith whose lives are intertwined with Jonas Cord’s career. The heroine of the second half is a little bit of Marilyn Monroe and a little bit of the plot of Vertigo. But Jonas had a wife and they were estranged for many years. Irene Carr was born and brought up on the river in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, in the s. Jul 03, Christina rated it it was amazing.