September 30, 2020

Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt: Its Purpose and Commemoration. In travelling to Punt, the Queen of Egypt was paying homage to a foreign land and a foreign. Hatshepsut, meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies, was the fifth pharaoh of the . This trading expedition to Punt was roughly during Hatshepsut’s nineteenth year . The walls of the great temple in Karnak depicted the story of an expedition of impressive ships to the mysterious land known as Punt.

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Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt – Hatshepsut

From Mariette’s Deir-el-Bahari [Page ]. If she went to Punt, why did she not just say so? Meanwhile, the Queen’s younger brother, who had been brought up in the Great Temple of Amen and dedicated to the service of the Chief God of Thebes, took, apparently, no share in the government of the country.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Without going exppedition the details here, we should note the following: This means that Punt was probably located near Byblos. Elsewhere we see the full-grown trees. They arrived safely at the desert-country of Coptos: Velikovsky quoted several of the surviving Punt inscriptions which he claimed were the words of the Queen herself, speaking in the first person, describing her journey to Punt.

These are of the same dark wood as the legs and rails, having a border-line at each side; while down the middle, with head erect at the top of the upright limb, and tail undulating downward to the finish of the arm-rest, is a basilisk carved in some lighter colored wood, and incrusted with hundreds of minute pubt annulets, to represent the markings of the reptile.


And thus, to the sound of trumpets and drums, with waving of green boughs and shouts of triumph, the great procession lands on the opposite bank of the Nile, and, followed by an ever-gathering crowd, takes its way between avenues of sphinxes, past obelisks and pylons, and up one magnificent flight of steps after another, till the topmost terrace of the Great Temple is reached, where the Queen herself welcomes them to the presence of Hathor the Beautiful, the Lady of the Western Mountain, the Goddess-Regent of the Land of Punt.

Seeing, however, that they returned to Thebes, it may be taken for granted that they sailed from the same port, and this supposition is confirmed by the blue color of the water and the presence therein of the fishes of the Nile. A small detachment of military, numbering about eight or ten soldiers and an officer, accompanied the expedition.

Hatshepwut is almost impossible that Hatshepsut went to Punt to conquer it, but it is almost certain that she traveled there to fill her vanity with the treasures of the mysterious kingdom.

File:Relief of Hatshepsut’s expedition to the Land of Punt by Σταύρος.jpg

Natalia Klimczak is an historian, journalist and writer. An hatshwpsut line carried round each hatsbepsut the ;unt of the foliage, the details of which are left to the imagination. Egyptologist David Lorton used this as proof that Velikovsky was involved in deliberate deception, and reiterated the mainstream belief that it proved Hatshepsut did not take part in the expedition.

Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Views View Edit History. The order in which these processions meet and succeed each other is somewhat confusing. Of the victories of Thothmes III.

This mural and others adorn the walls of Queen Hatshepsut’s hatsuepsut at Deir el-Bahri. His tomb has not been discovered, and his personal history is unknown; but enough remains of his work in this unique temple to show that he was not only possessed of consummate taste and ability, but that he also originated a new departure in his art, which, had it been followed, might have revolutionized the architecture of ancient Egypt. Her daughter, though evidently quite young, already shows a tendency towards the same kind of deformity.


Land of Punt

When perfect this inscription would seem to have contained a detailed history of the King’s life and reign up to the time at which it was executed. The inscription explains that the Puntians were happy to see the Egyptians and they offered hatshepdut lots of precious goods.

They [the goods and the Puntites] were sent forward downstream, arriving in festivity, bringing tribute into the royal presence. Ancient history Usage on en. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat One of the baboons had distorted isotopic data, so the other’s oxygen isotope values were compared to those of modern-day baboon specimens from regions of interest.

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Her Majesty’s fan-bearers, quiver-bearer, sandal-bearer, and grooms with hunting leopards. For one, it is unknown where Punt was really located, but it is possible that it was the territory of modern Ethiopia. We are compelled to reject this hypothesis.

The trees are two date-palms in fruit, and three myrrh-trees odoriferous sycamorethe foliage of the latter being indicated by a line bounding the tops of the branches.