October 5, 2020

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book cover, description, publication history . Summary: Entertaining teenage novel with strong similarities to A Christmas Carol in its tale of an obnoxious girl being shown the error of her. Bridget Duke, father is a famous sportscaster, and Bridget herself is both entitled and deeply insecure. [H]is fame made me cool by association.

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Ich konnte mich zwar nicht mit ihr identifizieren, sondern habe sie stellenweise abgrundtief gehasst, doch genau so sollte man bei Bridget auch empfinden. Bis eine Neue auf die Winchester Prep kommt: The book gets into gear quickly with a ,ies prologue that has Bridget behind the wheel of her car, having ditched Winchester Prep for the afternoon.

Liam ist Bridgets Ex, der sich erst vor Kurzem von ihr getrennt hat. I mean, what girl would stay friends with Bridget? I never really connected to any of the characters. Trotz dieses kleinen negativen Aspektes hat mich das Buch sehr gut unterhalten und auch zum Nachdenken gebracht: Die Emotionen der Anderen gehen ihr mal eben schlank am Allerwertesten bere.

In the process, she’s pushed away those who are able to see through her flaws and who love her despite them–especially her childhood best friend and now ex-boyfriend, Liam.

Pzige don’t use this word often, but I literally hated her from page one. It’s explained really easily in this story, it’s just her hege and she is really just not aware of how her behavior is viewed by other people, not only peers but her elders as well.

I’ll admit, it did get a bit tedious having to go through the same scenes again but that is the only fault I can find in this novel. Can she redeem herself in time, or will she pay the ultimate price for her actions? Dann ist mir aber der Gedanke gekommen, dass sie einfach Angst vor ihr hatten. Then she finally understands what she has done. And, no, I don’t intend to read this one again. For a similar tale which has been widely hailed as a superb debut novel, check out Before I Harbisoj by Brisget Oliver.


Bridget was the girl we can’t even “love to hate” because we simply refuse to put the word “love” in the same sentence as “Bridget”. When everyone starts to turn on her, she decides to take a reckless drive that will reveal to her who she has truly become, whether she likes it or not.

At the end, she became a much-loved character, and for me, this is the sign of an amazing author. Bridget is driving recklessly, thinking of how everyone might react should she die. A stepmother she dislikes. Then, a new girl appears at school, and people stop worshipping Bridget like they did before.

Here Lies Bridget

This part was hefe cool and did a good job of getting the point across without taking too much time or repetition. The new girl is a genuinely sweet person and everyone likes her better. You’ll fall in love. Particularly those who take after the title character, anything that gets girls like her to think about the consequences of their actions must be worth ehre up!

I have so much to say about this book, but I don’t think I can really capture the true essence of this novel in one review.

View all 3 comments. This does seem like an “overdone” pxige, too. This was wonderfully written to the point where it made me, as the reader, be emotional over it.

First and foremost was Bridget. When I first opened the pages of Here Lies Bridget I couldn’t get over how perfectly Paige Harbison has crafted the ultimate “mean girl”. I didn’t find it all that necessary to repeat the same dialogue while interjecting the thoughts and feelings of others involved.

Though the closing chapter introduces a confusing concept — a character that was portrayed as real for the first half of the book is, without warning, a figment of Bridget’s imagination at its end — “Here Lies Bridget” is an otherwise solid and intriguing read.

Review: Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

From there, she literally steps into the shoes of the people she has wronged and sees herself from their perspective. My dislike for her had become too well-entrenched. Jan 10, Krista CubicleBlindness Reviews rated it liked it. Scenes that I’d already read were retold from the perspective of the other people involved: While I think she might have learned her lesson about how her actions affect others, I didn’t get the feeling that she had truly changed.


From the outside, Bridget seems to have it all, so it’s unclear why she is such a shrew. Wer sie zur Freundin hat, braucht keine Feinde mehr. As with “A Christmas Carol,” it’s only through forced empathy that she truly sees the effects of her actions. Bridget is a horrific but entertaining character who, as expected from the preview of the book, is taken aback when she sees her behaviour through the eyes of the other people.

At pages, this is a really quick read, but I needed distance and space from Bridget.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The big comeuppance that I expected did not materialize. I enjoyed having a protagonist I hate and it was a nice fun read. Truth be told I didn’t even read the synopsis before I opened this book and I’m glad I didn’t.

In a fit of anger, she races her car with reckless abandon…and ends up in a kind of purgatory where she must literally walk in the shoes of those whom she has affected. This girl is just so awful and she seems to think that she has a right to treat people like this and that she’s not doing anything wrong.

Not Just for Kids: ‘Here Lies Bridget’ by Paige Harbison – latimes

Laige the present moment then, Bridget ends up in limbo and has to walk in the shoes of some of her friends and stepmother to see the consequences of her thoughtless words and actions on them. And there was even a nice little twist at the end! Paige Harbison is a genius at creating the ultimate “mean girl”.

Sie ist nicht tot – aber auch nicht bridgett. People who were her friends begin standing up for themselves, and her classmates go from worshiping her to ridiculing her. Now, trapped between life an They say that before you die your life flashes before you eyes.