October 3, 2020

HERO by Alethea Kontis Published by: Harcourt Books, Hardcover: pages Series: The Woodcutter Sisters #2 My rating: 7/10 First. Book Hero During the Nebula Awards in May, I got to meet and interview Alethea Kontis, who’s fairy tale book, Enchanted, was nominated for. Hero by Alethea Kontis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Six Swans is the perfect tale for Friday because of her weaving skills.

I received a copy of this book to review. If you love fairy tale mass-ups this is the book for you. Which is to say that Saturday is an incredibly human protagonist. I wonder if she will get in the know of what was going on. Naturally, she falls right into an adventure of her own, complete with a cursed prince, a good-natured chimera, and an eyeless witch who’s threatening the world beyond the mountaintop domain where our heroes find themselves trapped.

Exceptionally well written, clever, funny, girl-breaks- world-girl-gets-kidnapped-finds-boy-kills-witch-releases-dragon-finds-long-lost-brother-and on and on. Through a series of crazy circumstances she ends up on a quest to defeat an evil witch while struggling to realize her own magical abilities Friday and Thursday are my favorites, and I was sad that Thursday had already found her pirate “prince charming”.

Plus, there are so many nice twists and turns and fantastical surprises in this one! And worst is her insta-love interest has no special defining character.

I just didn’t really enjoy her that much in Enchanted, but after reading this book, I’m disappointed in my earlier self. Not just the sisters, although every one of them is wonderful, and I cannot wait for all their stories. Saturday, Peregrine, and Betwixt undertake a fast-paced adventure to keep the witch from casting a spell that will open a portal to the demon realm and destroy their world. And how will she help out and help the characters left hanging in limbo?!


She’s small but can conquer a kraken.

Hero by Alethea Kontis

Fill in your details below or click an konhis to log in: I loved the previous two Woodcutter Sisters enough books to do it. My two favorite aspects of these books are the highly developed characters and the beautiful descriptive writing.

As with the other two books, the love story hefo beautiful: Fans of the television show Once Upon a Time will definitely enjoy this fractured fairy tale that references many well-known stories. Although this book doesn’t have many retelling of fairytales, at least not much I know, Saturday’s adventure to become a hero is more appealing to me.

FTF Book Review: Alethea Kontis – Hero

Tragic love and all! March 1, at A strong female hero, whose strength has nothing whatsoever to do with her appearance or sexuality.

She needed to be tall and severe, handsome and beautiful, strong and brave. With a central arc that resolves nicely Hero still promises even aletbea adventure and mayhem to come for the kingdom of Arilland and the Woodcutter family.

Those last few chapters deserved five stars all on their own. I felt something was missing; something I did find in the first book. Opening Dearest takes t 3.

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Even before she discovers the konris, she was helping out all of the children at the castle. I really enjoyed Friday. She does come off like she doesn’t care but As is always of note to me, strong familial relationships as well as female friendships abound, and while I didn’t find every one of Rampion’s brothers distinctive I got extremely confused, now and then, trying to put a personality to a name, though it’s done better than it is in other books where it’s necessary to have a large group of characters.


Beautifully written, with rich prose than manages to be descriptive and colorful without being purple, and witty, snappy lines that made me laugh out loud, I loved the book and it only lost half a star heeo it couldn’t compete with that passionate feeling that Enchanted gave me the first time I read it. Alethez is not the actual artist. She can handle herself and it’s admirable.

However — hair and clothing aside — when these two collide, disaster is imminent. Amazing, wonderful, fabulous, heartbreaking bastards. There wasn’t a great deal of random unexplained characters like in the first two, although Conrad and Mr. I know this is super vague, but it’s also super annoying. In conclusion, the writing continued to be amazing, the world building is still perfect and Alethea Kontis managed, once again, to write a really great book.

There was a lot of adventure in this book along with wondrous creatures, romance, and curses. I liked the exploration of the world, beyond just the incorporated fairy tales; there was some solid world building especially concerning religion.

March 18, at 8: Having the platform for the first time revealed Friday’s previously unknown and not-in-the-least-bit-dull depths. I hope to see many more tales about the Woodcutter family in the future. Nominate Princess Alethea…for everything! Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

All of the characters are so easy to engage with and so likable, it makes them a joy to read about.