October 22, 2020

What’s the fuss about GM food? Fritjof Capra explains why complex systems are inherently unpredictable in Hidden Connections. The Hidden Connections has ratings and 43 reviews. Fritjof Capra, bestselling author of The Tao of Physics and The Web of Life, here explores another. Quotes from The Hidden Connection, Fritjof Capra. 1. The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living by Fritjof Capra (click on title for book link;.

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He explains how organizational learning and change can be facilitated by learning from life science. He aims to extend system dynamics and complexity theory to the social domain and presents “a conceptual framework that integrates life’s biological, cognitive and social dimensions”. My Qs borrowed from Sir Norman Foster architect is: For most of history, scientific investigation was based on linear thinking.

Books by Fritjof Capra. And what my low opinion will be is unlike unoption, no challange nor utopias ideas without objection. Capra takes up the research of Manuel Castellswho explains how globalization is shaped by modern communication technology and network phenomena.

In this book the author compares how networking is a fundamental nature at all levels. The title really descibes the book well. Buku ini membuka wawasan saya secara luas tentang hakikat dari kehidupan, kesadaran, serta pemikiran, dari sudut pand Pertama-tama, buku ini jelas tidak saya disarankan sebagai bacaan ringan bagi siapapun.

Network culture

So what GM protestors are rightfully trampling underfoot is a false mechanical conception of nature. I wish the whole book was on the alternatives and solutions.

But the social uidden that actually is the company then extracts what it wants to hear from the imposed plan. Alex BennetDavid Bennet No preview available – A book that could make a difference. Sep 29, Meg rated it liked it Shelves: Sayang sekali buku ini bukan buku yang enak untuk critjof secara penulisan, entah karena Capra memang kurang pandai bertutur dalam kata-kata, atau mungkin terjemahannya jelek.


Please try again later. He goes on to say how different NGOs have sprung up the world over and are fighting these power and money hungry organizations.

When carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms bond in a certain way to form sugar, the resulting compound has a sweet taste. Life is pretty amazing.

He says that we have tended to control things top down because of the success it yielded us during the industrial frltjof when manufacturing was the key industry and if somebody connections the top figured out how to manufacture the required goods in a very efficient way then that would give the organization more profits.

Subsequently, Capra gives a detailed summary of the risks of modern biotechnology and makes a strong case against the dogma of genetic determinism.

According to Sociologist Cspra Castells, social change in the society does not originate within the traditional institutions of civil society but develops from identities based on the rejection of society’s dominant values — patriarchy, the domination and control of nature, unlimited economic growth and material consumption, and so on.

The second half is where Capra shows what it means to start seeking organic rather than mechanical fixes to our planet’s many woes. Can nature possibly be so absurd as it seemed to us in these atomic experiments? Not being separate we must then be absolutely frutjof we know what the consequences of our actions are going to be.


I was particularly inspired by the concepts connctions shifting from a materials-based economy to a service-and-flow economy, and that of ecological clusters of industries. In doing so, it gets down to the bones of what is happening in the world connecgions now. The concept of sustainability was introduced in the early s by Lester Brown, founder of the Worldwatch Institute, who defined a sustainable society as one that is able to satisfy its needs without diminishing the chances of future generations.

They have the ability to be horizontal.

The Hidden Connections – Wikipedia

The response to the external perturbation is organically unpredictable – sometimes creative, which makes the consultants look good, but often frustratingly wayward. To do so, I present a conceptual framework that integrates life’s biologicalcognitive and social dimensions.

This book has motivated me to read Paul Hawken’s books on “The Ecology of Commerce” and “Natural Capitalism”, and more of Amory and Connecrions Lovins’ work, to educate myself more around the economic and technological ideas Capra refers to. If only because I then want to complicate them anew. The protesters are not fighting globalisation itself – which is a natural process in this information age – but are pushing for the proper checks and balances to be built into the new world order.

Steven rated it it was amazing. From inside the book. By using this site, you gidden to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.