October 5, 2020

Be sure to review the Instruction Manual for your Power Meter before using the current range (compatible). HIOKI,PW,04,V, ser *3: For detailed specifications of Model , see the comparison chart on page 6. 1. 0 5. Can be read directly by manually setting the CT ratio. DIGITAL POWER HiTESTER , , , AC/DC POWER HiTESTER , , AC/DC DIGITAL HiTESTER , .

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The numerical value is accepted in NRf format. This manual explains the communication commands for the above Power Meter.

The can simultaneously perform demand measurements required for power management and energy-saving measures, as well as harmonic measurements. Page 94 Set and Query: Handler Interface Triggering, measurement configuration loading, and zero adjustment can be externally controlled.

Nioki Online Industrial Exhibition. Page 83 Set and Query: Unlike other commands such as: This image shows an example of the typical recorded results you can obtain from one of the Power Loggers in our inventory — the Hioki Clamp-On Power Logger.

Page 63 Parameter List Description Values in parentheses can also be used. Communication Command Instruction Manual. When set to ON, a response is also received when sending a command. Sets the instrument as the slave device. Register for items that have caused an error. Open the catalog to page 4.



Perform and Query a Reset of Output Items: In Inrush mode, the measurement covers a duration of more than 1 bioki Page 86 Set and Query: Normal measurement values HRMS: Set and Query the Integration Time Command: Harmonic wave content display, all orders a: Device-specific Commands frequency Range [zero-crossing Filter] Device-specific Commands Frequency Range [Zero-crossing Filter] The frequency range and zero-crossing filter settings are linked.

Whether it’s one logger or 50, we can supply equipment immediately from our inventory and pre-program based on your specific requirements. Mankal 87 Set and Query: Power Demand and Power Quality Loggers are very effective tools that enable you to: In addition, an execution confirmation message is included after the response to a query.

There are two types of messages: Command Execution Time Command execution time mqnual the time for analyzing and processing long form commands. Query Returns the voltage range setting in NR1 format. Event Status Register 1: Page 93 Set and Query: Measure of active power: Data Formats Reference Response data Message [ ]: Enter text from hilki Output Items Order Command Syntax: Related Searches Digital temperature measurement Digital multimeter Current transformer Sound level switch Voltage sensing Temperature data-logger Current sensing Industrial calibrator Chart recorder Insulation test Industrial thermometer Portable thermometer Instrument transformer Testing center Amnual analyzer Industrial multimeter Liquid analyzer Analog indicator Portable meter Compact data-logger.


Please refer to the instruction manual for your Power Meter for details regarding. While the display is heldcannot be executed.

Advanced search – Hioki 3332

Log in Quick search: Page 23 – Device-specific Commands Measurement Va Releases the currently held display value. Instruction to set the voltage range. To print the manual completely, please, download it. View graphs and generate reports: Data by current range Integration Instantaneous value Wide measurement range, up to Can be omitted Description Page for queries: Description Although NRf numerical values are accepted, values to the right of the decimal are truncated.

ALLClearthe measurement values for the items shown in display areas a through d will be output. Page 79 Set and Query: Data Formats Reference Message [ ]: Table Of Contents Contents 1 Introduction Device-specific Commands Frequency Range [Zero-crossing Filter] The frequency range and zero-crossing filter settings are linked.