October 3, 2020

Honeywell RMA On-Off Primary Burner Control: Hvac Controls: : Industrial & Scientific. Find great deals for Honeywell Rm a Rev D Burner Control RMA Shop with confidence on eBay!. The RMA by Honeywell is a microprocessor based integrated primary burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner.

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If a display is used, fault codes 67 or will appear. This depends on the model of the RM relay selected.

Questions & Answers About – Honeywell’s 7800 Series Controls

On the RMA and B terminal 8, pilot, is an intermittent pilot. When using an M, many times there will be no L.

This prevents continuous purge, should the airflow switch fail open. Training and Development Portal.

Honeywell Rm a Rev D Burner Control RMA | eBay

How fast must the airflow switch contact close when using an RM? Honeywell does not recommend even trying to restore a clipped jumper. JR2 must only be clipped honyewell using a 3 second flame failure response amplifier with the RM The relay recognizes the wiring error and locks out.


This feature is found in the RmE only. Programmers also check all the interlock circuits continuously during standby.

Can I jumper terminal G to L2? A pre-ignition interlock is any switch that must remain closed until pre-purge is completed. The burner will post purge. No 4-second is available.

Clipping a jumper enhances the level of safety. Yes, but you will add 30 seconds to the pre-purge timing for each switch jumpered.

There is no 24 VAC low voltage source available in any Series control. It is active in standby. Microprocessor-based integrated primary burner control for automatically boneywell gas, oil or combination fuel single burner applications. Turn on more accessible mode. Product has not been associated with this account, therefore your catalog will be empty.

Honeywell RM7890 On-Off Primary Controls

The burner will immediately shut down, and lockout will occur. Order Status and History.

Terminal 10 is de-energized as soon as flame is proven. The RMB and D have an airflow switch safe start check feature that detects a closed circuit between terminals 6 and 7. On the E and L, all terminal functions are the same. Optional remote reset capability. Interchangeable plug-in flame amplifiers. Typically, it is a fuel valve proof of closure switch. If the display is removed from an RM in standby, a lockout will occur.


Industrial Combustion Honeywrll Videos. General Questions Applying to all Series Q. A low fire start switch is used to prove the firing rate valve motor is in the low fire position before and during ignition.

How long should pre-purge be?